SPECIAL FANTASIES - Alyssa, Emily, Cali & Miko

SPECIAL FANTASIES - Alyssa, Emily, Cali & Miko
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    Cali Logan, Miko Sinz, Emily Addison & Alyssa Reece

    Time: 13 Minutes/ 292 MB

    NORA'S REVENGE CLASSIC - one of the great old Batman series episodes was the Siamese human knot scene, this is a continuation of that scene. Nora Clavicle (Alyssa Reese) is looking for her revenge, they got out of her knot the first time, but she has some new twists to her human torture knot. Miss Gotham State (Miko Sinz) shows up and is tricked by Nora and turned into a human pretzel, then comes non other than that super bat fem (Cali Logan) to the rescue but not so fast, Nora is ready. Lastly comes Sarah Bryant (Emily Addison) - the magic number three is now complete and Nora works her evil magic - the Siamese knot but with new additions - three beautiful young bodies entwined in a human knot of torture, how long can they endure the pain - is there any way out or will these luscious females be found as knotted bones? You may want to watch the original on YouTube then watch - NORA'S REVENGE.