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If you're experiencing problems or have a question regarding the DT web site please refer to this FAQ for the answer before sending us an email. If your question or problem is not addressed in the FAQ please go to the PROBLEMS? page for assistance.





Will my purchase be secure?
Yes, our Shopping Cart is secured with a RAPID 128 bit Certificate. You can shop with confidence.
Shop with Confidence

I can't complete my shopping cart order.
The are several issues that can create problems with the shopping cart:

  1. The DT Shopping Cart will not work with WebTV.
  2. Some Macintosh users have reported problems with the DT Shopping Cart and there are currently no known solutions.
  3. Make sure you have the most recent version of your browser. Some older versions of Internet Explorer are known to cause problems with the DT Shopping Cart.
  4. There could also be a problem with your credit card.
  5. Contact DT SALES & CUSTOMER SERVICE if you continue to have problems. We'll arrange for you to place your order via phone, email or mail.

I want to order a tape but I don't want to use a credit card. What can I do?
Select the "Printable Order Form" (a link is available from the DT Shopping Cart navigation bar) for information on ordering my mail, email, fax or phone. On that page you will find a printable order form you can use when sending in your order and payment.

I had problems with a Downloadable Movie order and used up all my attempts or my time ran out. How can I get the movie I paid for?
CLICK HERE to contact DT Media Support with your order information and we'll send you another link for the download. Make sure you include your name, the product code and name, and your order number so we can locate your order quickly.

I downloaded a movie from the DT Shopping Cart but it won't play.
Make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime Player (currently v6.5 or greater). If you're a Windows user you should have Windows 98 2nd Edition or better. Make sure you review the specification for downloading movies from our Shopping Cart before you order to make sure your system meets all the requirements.

Other reasons the movie may not play properly:
Not enough ram MPEG-4 movies require AT LEAST 120 Megs of RAM
QuickTime Player Not Updated MPEG-4 movies are the latest and greatest of the QuickTime movie formats and require the most recent player.
CPU Speed You will need AT LEAST a 500 megahertz processor. If you've upgraded an older machine with new software and not upgraded your hardware you may not have sufficient processing power to run MPEG-4 movies properly.

If you continue to have problems playing a downloaded movie please CLICK HERE to contact DT Media Support for assistence.

I had problems with a Steaming Movie order. What can I do?
CLICK HERE to contact DT Media Support with your order information and a description of the problem. Make sure you include your name, the product code and name, and your order number so we can locate your order quickly.


I noticed multiple charges on my credit card statement. What happened?
If you are declined by our preferred biller (currently SurfNet Corp) you should be automatically forwarded to another page offering other options. When you attempt a transaction for the first time, or when the payment processor renews your account, the funds are first secured from your bank card and placed on a temporary hold until authorization is complete. This process only takes a few seconds but if, for some reason, the transaction is declined the funds are not returned to your bank immediately. It could take 24 hours and will most likely appear on your online statement as a charge. Most likely the charge will be released before you receive your end of month statement, however, if you should have additional questions concerning this temporary charge please contact the specific payment processing service that issued the decline.

I'm not able to open some of the pages on the Members' Lounge. For example, the words "javascript:may();" appear in the status bar when trying to access the May Photo Gallery.
The DT Members' Lounge uses JavaScript on many of it's pages and your browser must be JavaScript enabled. We are working on eliminating some of the JavaScript in the future but in the meantime here are a few things you can try:

  1. Enable Java or Javascript
  2. Enable Cookies
  3. Disable or delete Black Ice Defender or Norton 2001+, any personal firewall or proxy server software package, Anomymizer
  4. Avoid any ISP that doesn't pass referrer information
  5. Clear your cache

I received a block message when trying to access the DT Members' Lounge. What does that mean?
There are several reasons a site block than can occur:
SUBNET BLOCK: Our security software will block any username that accumulates more than 5 subnets in a 24 hour period. This block will last approximately 60 minutes. A subnet (or IP address) is assigned to each computer. Most members use only one computer therefore they will use only one subnet as a general rule. If you access the Members' Lounge from more than one computer in a day you will accumulate an additional subnet each time you log in using another computer. If you share your password, or if it's stolen, it's possible that other users will connect to the DT Lounge during the same 24 hour period and cause a block on your account. If we see that your login is being used from a number of locations (cities, states or countries) during the day we will change your password and wait for you to contact us.

However, the most common reason you might receive a subnet block is if you're an AOL user. AOL frequently assigns multiple IP addresses during one connection, or assigns a different IP address each time you connect. It is quite common for AOL users to find themselves blocked frequently from the Members' Lounge, especially, if they are connected for a long period of time, or connect several times during the day. We monitor usage several times throughout the day and if we notice that you're an AOL user who's getting blocked we'll try to un-block your account as soon as possible.

I.P. ADDRESS BLOCK: This will occur if several failed login attempts are made from a single I.P. address within a 24 hour period or if you enter an incorrect username or password repeatedly. Our security software will assume that there is a fraudulant attempt to gain access and shut the user out for approximately 12 to 24 hours.

BANDWIDTH BLOCK: In order to keep the site available to ALL members we have established a daily bandwidth limit (currently set at 500 mb to allow for the FREE MOVIE download). This prevents one or two users from overloading the server and crashing the site and also alerts us to possible password sharing or abuse. Each click you make on a web site, photo that loads on a page and/or a movie you view downloads to your computer adding to your bandwidth usage. Depending on your membership you have 30 to 90 days to enjoy the site so it's not necessary to view or download the entire site in one day.

I want to sign up but there was no padlock indicating a secure site. Is your site secure?
The signup page is on the secure server of the on-line processing company - not the DT server. The reason you may not be seeing the usual padlock icon is because of the way we've set up our web site's pages. The secure site icon should appear when you land on the sign-up page resident on the processing company's server.

I've been a member for a while but suddenly my username and password won't work. Why can't I get access?
The most common reason your login is not working is a credit card decline during rebilling. This could be because you've moved since you first joined the DT Lounge or possibly your card is over the limit. Another reason could be that your password has been changed due to subnet abuse and we were unable to contact you. If you're unsure of the reason please use the Problems? form to send us all the information we need to assist you. If you think it's a problem with your credit card please contact the Customer Support line of the Payment Processing Service you used when signing up for more information.

I signed up using one of the payment processing services but didn't complete the process. I was charged but when I tried to enter my username and password I received an error and was taken out of the system.
Most likely you tried to enter a username that already exists in the system but there could also have been a technical problem with the billing service that prevented your login information of getting into the system properly. Duplicate usernames are usually not accepted by the billing software even if the previous account has expired. Please use the Problems? form to send us all the information we need to assist you explaining the problem in detail, including any error messages you have received. Include the name of the Billing Service used, your Name, Your Transaction Number and Subscription I.D., as well as your desired password and username. We'll assit you as soon as possible.

I tried to join the DT Members' Lounge but was declined. I received a message saying the my address was incorrect.
We use several different payment authorization and billing services and if you are declined by our primary service you will be automatically forwarded to a page with other options. But, it is possible to be declined by all the billing services. Each billing service uses a national database to verify credit card and check debit purchases. That data on record could be out of date, in error, or possibly you have moved recently. First, make sure you are entering your address information exactly as indicated on your credit card or bank statement. If you believe that your information is correct contact the specific billing service that processed your transaction.

I was declined when trying to sign up but I still see a charge to my credit card when I look at my online statement.
We use a cascading billing process for all credit card and check debit processing. This means that if you are declined by the first billing/validation option you will automatically be forwarded on to the next. When the payment processing service begins the verification process the fee is placed in a temporary reserve account to secure it. If you are declined by one biller, for whatever reason, the fee is removed but it can sometimes take several hours to a day for it to taken off your account. For this reason, even if you were approved by the second or third biller and joined successfully, you may still see a charge from one of the other billers appear on your on-line credit card account for a short period of time.

I can no longer access the DT Members' Lounge.
It's possible your account has expired, you may have requested that your membership be cancelled or it's possible you were declined during the rebilling process. You could be entering either your username or password incorrectly. It is also possible your password has been changed for security reasons and you did not receive the notice because we didn't have your current email address. Please use the Problems? form to explain the problem. Include your billing and account information (important) including your username and password so we can check your account and let you know what's wrong.

The movies won't play. All I get is a broken link icon or a white screen and sound.
Windows and Internet Explorer version 5.5 SP2 or later may not have the ActiveX Controller plug-in for QuickTime. Download the Latest Version of the FREE QuickTime Player (v 5.0.5 or newer) for your computer. QuickTime Web Site.

I'm having trouble viewing the movies
Make sure you have current versions of both QuickTime and/or Windows Media Player and your browser software. Make sure your system meets our web site specifications ( Check your ability to play other movies. You can view QT movies by going to Apple's Movie Trailer Site and trying to play a few movies. Remember, movies take memory and bandwidth to play. Try downloading the movie clip to your hard drive and playing it off-line. If you're still having problems please use the Problems? form to send us all the information we need to assist you


Some of the photos seem blurry and others don't. Why?
Many of the photos in the DT Members' Lounge are vidcaps pulled from our digital master video tape, particularly those in the Screening Room, the Fan Clubs and the Gallery. Because these are action scenes the girls are moving and some blurring will occur. Other photos are from digital stills taken during a match. Many of those are posed so there is not movement to cause blurring. The photos in the Screening Room are vidcaps, most of the photos in the Tape of the Month are digital stills and some are scans of traditional photographs. The Photo Gallery and Fan Club consist of a mixture of vidcaps and digital stills.

Images in the Tape of the Month section are really huge. What's up with that?
Most of the Tape of the Month images are digital still photos taken during the taping of a match. We've put them up at a large size, usually at 800 pixels, so our members can download them at a higher resolution for offline printing.