Double Trouble Female Wrestling





topless catfightBusty blonde Lexxi Tyler is strutting her stuff during a photos shoot in the DT ring when irate physical trainer Lisa Comshaw storms in and demands that Lexxi move her car out of Lisa's parking space. Lexxi refuses and the war is on. Lexxi's knees do some serious damage to Lisa's abs and the mean blonde follows up with a kick to Lisa's head. A figure four head scissors knocks Lisa out. Lisa recovers and charges Lexxi, who easily ducks and uses her knees and fists to floor Lisa and uses her long legs to squeeze Lisa out yet again. It's most definitely a very bad day for Lisa as she is kicked stomped and otherwise owned by the lethal Lexxi.

topless catfightNext, Shannan Leigh and Goldie Blair, each endowed with a pair of the most glorious breasts money can buy, literally go for the jugular as each start off the match by trying to choke the life out of the other. The action becomes more hard-hitting as they resort to using their fists to punish one another. Shannan uses her slight size advantage to lift Goldie over her shoulders and slam the British bombshell onto the hard canvas. After an ever-intensifying barrage of blows, slams, kicks and stomps one girl begins to noticeably tire, leaving her vulnerable to a final battery of bone-crushing punches that leaves one buxom brawler battered into oblivion.

topless catfightCrystal White is also no slouch when it comes to ample bosoms, but even she seems almost petite against the mammoth mammaries of the sensational Summer Cummings. Not surprisingly, the tops worn by these sumptuous sirens prove woefully wanting as both sets of breasts dramatically escape their captivity. Breasts and buttocks are used repeatedly as both weapons of smothering destruction and victims of clawing nails and biting teeth. These bodies stand up to a lot of crushing action, including some rib-cracking body scissors, but this fiery conflict comes to a breathless end when one pair of magnificent butt cheeks snuffs what little fight is left in one suffocated loser.

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