Double Trouble Female Wrestling





topless catfightOn the first match of this triple-feature, the sexy blonde Tylene Buck faces cocky new brunette DJ West. It takes no time at all to see that ring experience is no measure of feline ferocity as first Tylene, and then DJ takes her turn straddling and choking her opponent. DJ even takes a nice bite out of Tylene's calf. There's definitely no room for rules when these two maidens fill the ring. It's like the wild west—and Tylene's facing one truly wild West indeed. When DJ mounts Tylene for a facesit smother, she's definitely straddling a wild Buck—a Buck that knows how to escape and bite into DJ's ass, burning like a branding iron. As DJ begins to noticeably tire, Tylene goes in for the kill. A camel clutch sleeper may actually see this wild Buck get the best of the West

topless catfightOur second match is a collision of heavenly bodies as Charlie Laine takes on Celeste Star. Both girls are about the same size and wear very similar bikinis, so the match goes on pretty evenly, with one petite babe getting tossed about the ring before being tossed herself. These limber lasses resort to some classic catfight maneuvers with bodies scissored, arms and legs stretched and hair pulled. Ripping off their bikini tops does nothing to slow these wildcats down. When the tide of battle finally turns irrevocably in favor of one saucy savage, the end is near, capped off by a figure-four leg scissors around the loser's throat, snuffing all the fight out of her for good.

topless catfightFinally, we have two world-renowned fetish models, Jewell Marceau and Anastasia Pierce taking it to the ring. Jewell catches Anastasia in a reverse bearhug but escapes when she uses Jewell's long hair to flip the buxom brunette to the mat. The pressure is continually pored on with more bearhugs and scissors crushing the ribs of these dark-haired alley cats. Beautiful bodies are battered and stretched, windpipes are squeezed and every body part is used as either a weapon or a target. During this dynamic demolition derby, both Jewell and Anastasia lose their barely adequate bikini tops, allowing their bodacious bosoms to become prey for some nasty clawing, pinching and pounding. But, ultimately, it is one set of these bountiful breasts that gains its owner a final smother victory.

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