Double Trouble Female Wrestling





topless catfightMelissa really has her work cut out for her as she faces both Ireland and Sinn Sage in a handicap match. Sinn is the first to take on the slender blonde and Melissa really has her hands full with the equally sized brunette. Body blows, clotheslines and chokes are leveled at both fighters and their tiny bikini tops soon pull away from their moorings during this intense contest. When Melissa barely escapes a ten-count, one has to wonder if she's bitten off more than she can chew with one opponent, much less two. When Melissa is thrown into Ireland's corner she is double teamed with hard blows to her belly and chest, setting the blonde up for a count out that ends the first fall. It is one tired Melissa who must now face the taller Ireland, who's out to brutalize the smaller golden-haired beauty. With an unconscious Melissa finally defeated, all looks rosy for the team of Sinn and Ireland—until one of them turns on the other. Then all allegiances change and the outcome becomes unpredictable.

topless catfightOur second ring catfight sets porn superstar Jamie Lynn against DT veteran Tasha Welch. These ladies are evenly sized, but Tasha's ring savvy gives her the early edge as she straddles Jamie's chest while landing hard blows to the young blonde's taut stomach. Jamie's definitely got the instincts of a born catfighter as she rips open Tasha's bra and spanks Tasha's butt to add to the humiliation. Jamie's bra doesn't fair any better and these bare-breasted hellions really pour on the pressure, taking turns squeezing, twisting and crushing each other mercilessly. Whatever it takes to win, whether it be choking, punching or kicking, these blonde bruisers go all out for victory. Breasts become targets as they are gouged and bitten. They become weapons when used to smother. A crushing waist scissors knocks much of the fight out one girl and a tight sleeper makes sure that the fight is over and the loser is most emphatically out.

topless catfightExperienced wrestler Shelby thought she'd drop by the DT ring to warm up before a scheduled match elsewhere and decides to use Sinn Sage as her practice dummy. Sinn doesn't figure on being a rag doll for the stranger with the multi-colored hair and aims to make sure that Shelby never takes any opponent for granted. The grapplers tumble and tussle across the ring and their tiny bras are ripped away in short order. Shelby even uses Sinn's as a choking device, following up with some nipple torture on the pert brunette. With limbs stretched to their limits and bodies battered beyond endurance, these violent vixens keep the pressure on, neither giving quarter to the other. When a sleeper-scissors combination puts an end to this contest one can't help to imagine that, on any other day, this could have easily ended differently.

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