Double Trouble Female Wrestling





pro-style wrestlingSandy the Heel may have a new blonde head to mount in her trophy room of slaughtered victims when pretty young Melissa Jacobs becomes the latest wrestler to challenge the brutal bruiser. Sandy definitely has experience and size in her favor, but Melissa has youth and determination going for her. After stunning the big blonde with some early blows, Melissa is caught in one tight hold after another. A body slam stuns the little blonde as Sandy presses her foot on Melissa's neck. After surviving yet another slam to the mat, Melissa starts getting some level of payback against the hellacious heel and almost succeeds in overpowering Sandy with a sleeper. However, as it has happened to so many others, it is lovely Melissa who ends up succumbing to Sandy's infamous sleeper holds for what promises to be the first of many maulings and KOs that the eventually topless Melissa will have to face at the hands of the sinister Sandy.

pro-style wrestlingSinn Sage gets a hard lesson in real wrestling when she goes up against professional superstar Raquel. The feisty Sinn is clearly in for a rough time as Raquel quickly stomps her to the mat and stretches Sinn's arms with Raquel's boots planted on Sinn's shoulders. Raquel's disdain for the catfighter is tempered with caution as Sinn proves more of a challenge than the pro had counted on. After surviving several head vises and arm stretches, Raquel rallies with a matchbook pin, scissors and camel clutch combo that stuns the tiny titan. Still, Sinn keeps coming back, even punishing Raquel with a corner beating that rocks the veteran grappler. As the outcome of this match grows more uncertain with each new blow and maneuver, a devastating monkey flip effectively sets up one gallant grappler for a sound defeat in this surprisingly hard fought encounter.

pro-style wrestlingOur third match introduces two magnificent fighters, Mariah and Sasha, who are each determined to make a name for herself that will instill fear in future opponents. The action starts hard and fast as the tiny Sasha flattens the taller blonde with a flying dropkick. Splashing down on her opponent and bashing Mariah's head into the mat, the exotic Sasha is a diminutive powerhouse who is afraid of nothing. Mariah, however, is no pushover, having been trained by the legendary Sandy. Mariah twists Sasha's body and slams the Asian on the mat. Bodies do a lot of flying in this fast-paced donnybrook and Mariah is actually dropkicked out of the ring by the jet-propelled Sasha. It is inevitable that bikini tops cannot survive such intense action, but the momentum never lets up until a final pin ends this incredible, high-octane debut of two future wrestling superstars.

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