Double Trouble Female Wrestling





mixed wrestlingSultry Santana puts on the gloves to make ground meat out of Peter, but her overconfidence may prove her downfall. Peter is out to avenge the beating he took at the hands of Santana and Yvonne in DT-503 and he continually staggers the Latin lovely with thunderous blows to the stomach and body. Santana is totally dominated in the first round as jabs, crosses and uppercuts leave their effect on her face and body. The second round is not any better for poor Santana as she is rocked so hard that she pops out of her bikini top. When Santana falls to the mat, it will be the first of many trips to the canvas as Peter's barrage becomes more and more relentless. Payback is usually a bitch—but this time it's a bastard named Peter.

mixed wrestlingNext, three of our newest lithe lovelies, Sinn Sage, Melissa Jacobs and Ireland, take turns challenging the legendary lady-killer, The Puma. Their initial bravado is soon put through the wringer as each little maid is practically torn to pieces by the beefy brute while her partners watch frustratingly from the sidelines. Melissa goes in first and is thrown and battered all over the ring. Sinn fares little better, although she does manage to get a few licks in. However, in the end, her best efforts just aren't good enough and it is up to the tallest member of the trio, Ireland, to salvage their hopes for victory. Unfortunately, the only thing slimmer than this willowy warrior is her chance at trouncing the masked mauler. That leaves the desperate femmes with only one final gambit: to attack the Puma all at once. Will the force of numbers be enough to take the beast down?

mixed wrestlingOur third mixed fantasy features Charlie and Melissa as secret agents of BIMBO (Babes Intent on Making Boys Obsolete), recounting their past, only to learn that their conversations have been recorded by Scott, an operative for Global Outlaw Opposition Force (GOOF). The GOOF agent may have been smart enough to record their confession, but he wasn't smart enough to figure out an exit strategy and Melissa and Charlie quickly go into assault mode. Scott is punched, chopped and kicked mercilessly as he is thrown to the floor and double-teamed by the fatal femmes. With every protestation and plea for mercy and fair play, Scott only sets himself up for even more brutalization. They say the female of the species is deadlier than the male, and that's especially true in the spy game as Scott finds himself becoming more and more obsolete.

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