Double Trouble Female Wrestling





nude catfightIn the backyard, Eve's soccer practice goes awry when Eve accidentally knocks over Lisa's drink with her soccer ball. Sensing Lisa's anger, Eve tries to escape but is tackled into the dirt and grass by the furious brunette. Both girls start off in tank tops and cut-off jeans, but Lisa soon pulls Eve's top off and continues ravaging the athletic redhead. Eve does get some good licks of her own as she stomps Lisa into the ground and simultaneously straddles her while tearing off Lisa's top. Things get really dirty, both figuratively and literally as these bodacious battlers choke, claw, bite and smack each other all across nature's battlefield. Furious fists connect against firm flesh as faces are driven into the dirt and tiny panties are ripped away. With two nude bodies exposed to the elements, this dynamic dirt battle leaves both bare-assed babes stained with dirt and grass—not to mention bruises. No body part is spared the indignity of gropes and mauling and it is one shamed loser that remains in the dirt as one winner celebrates her victory with a drink.

nude catfightIn our next tale, Charlie Laine may have stepped into the lion's den as she enters the home of Sinn Sage and requests an audition for Sinn's wrestling agency. Charlie, who has had some wrestling experience, is a tad miffed at Sinn's rather condescending attitude. Sinn says that she personally auditions all newcomers and challenges the applicant. They both strip down to bikinis and get to it in the living room. The ambitious Charlie looks forward to humbling Sinn and pulls off Sinn's bikini top to better humiliate and abuse her. That may end up being Charlie's biggest mistake. Sinn suddenly surges with energy and begins to totally dominate Charlie. Even as Sinn strips herself totally naked, the assault continues until a devastated Charlie is draped topless over the couch. With the once-arrogant applicant now helpless, Sinn decides to enjoy her spoils of war and uses Charlie's body as a play toy. And Charlie's humiliation will not end there. When Charlie finds herself bound naked on Sinn's bed, it's evident that her real audition has only just begun.

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