Double Trouble Female Wrestling





topless catfightDT welcomes newcomer Andie to the wrestling ring by pitting her against the young and tough Charlie Laine. Andie wastes no time as she and Charlie quickly go back and forth for the early advantage, each nubile grappler taking turns atop the other. Charlie furthers Andie's initiation by pulling off Andie's bikini top, but Andie learns quickly and reciprocates in kind. Being topless always brings out the best in Charlie, and it appears no different for her tyro opponent. Scissors, straddles, chokes and body blows quickly accumulate and Charlie realizes that Andie may be fresh meat, but she definitely has some seasoning. The advantage changes hands repeatedly as bodies are thrown, twisted and stretched all over the mat. A sleeper hold finally determines a winner who plants her foot on her beaten opponent's back in triumph.

topless catfightYou gotta give it to Carolyn—she sure doesn't want for self-esteem, as the newbie claims the DT championship belt in her debut match and looks forward to kicking JC Marie's ass. After some trash talk, JC steps into the ring and the two bikini babes tear into each other. JC seems totally overwhelmed by her upstart opponent and is soon smothered by a facesit that earns Carolyn the first fall. JC seeks out vengeance in the second fall and she claws Carolyn's eyes, setting up the rattled blonde for a kick to the jaw that rocks Carolyn to the canvas. Squeezing some of the fight out of Carolyn with chokes and neck scissors, JC really gets even when she plants her tight ass on Carolyn's face to smother her into unconsciousness. With the score now even, all hell breaks loose in the third as Carolyn punches, kicks and claws JC without letup or mercy. After one blonde is belted bloody, another blonde claims victory and is belted as champ.

topless catfightYet another newcomer steps into the DT ring as Melanie makes her debut against the compact powerhouse Sinn Sage. The action explodes immediately as the girls quickly become a single mass of intertwined, thrashing limbs as they roll and rattle across the canvas. Sinn slows her hyper-velocity adversary a bit with some body blows against the turnbuckle and presses her advantage with some tosses and body stretches. Melanie's resilience is impressive and she soon has Sinn trapped in another corner of the ring, giving Sage a taste of her own malicious medicine. Overall, it's a pretty even encounter with both bombastic battlers giving as well receiving in almost equal measure. When one topless girl uses a bikini top to choke the other, the positions are almost immediately reversed. It's a firestorm of ferocity that is ultimately squelched by a sleeper that finally brings one mighty mite down for good.

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