Double Trouble Female Wrestling





topless catfightBusty blonde do-gooder Tylene Buck finagles her way into a house in order to replace a television remote control with one that will transmit only pure and decent television programs. Her quixotic quest is interrupted by the black-garbed villainess Diana Knight who has made it her mission to thwart Tylene. After being tossed aside contemptuously, Tylene strikes a martial arts pose as she faces her enemy who strikes a similar stance. All science is quickly abandoned as these contentious hellcats tear into each other violently with chokes, punches and slaps as they tussle all over the floor and furniture. Using hoop earrings as brass knuckles, Tylene tries to inflict some permanent damage on Diana but the ebony-tressed villain keeps on the offensive. Bearhugs, hammerlocks and straddles are followed by vicious breast mauling as Tylene's top is ripped away and her magnificent orbs are tortured. Payback is a bitch, however and Diana's boobs are bared and battered as well. When one girl is finally down the victor proudly displays her remote control as her prize—even if her claim may be a touch premature.

topless catfightOur second fantasy fable begins with Super-Grrl returning from a mission and spinning back into her secret identity as Tylene. Tylene puts her transformation belt into a secret hiding place and heads for the shower, not realizing that her transformation had been witnessed by her so-called friend Charlie who switches Tylene's belt for another. After her shower, Tylene receives a call for Super-Grrl and, after placing the switched belt on, spins until she changes into—Super Stripper!? In a black ensemble consisting of bra, thongs, garter, hose and platform heels, Super-Stripper is shocked as Charlie and her evil cohort Sandy enter to gloat about how they tricked Tylene. Charlie is now wearing Tylene's super belt and spins dramatically, transforming herself into Super-Grrl. Super-Stripper has no powers and is taken down with one punch and Sandy hoists the beaten blonde over her shoulder and dumps her body outside. Of course, there's never been any honor among thieves, so Sandy wants the belt for herself and tries to fight Charlie for it to no avail. After Super-Grrl sleepers Sandy out she goes outside to work Super-Stripper over and is having a grand time—until Sandy sneaks up from behind and pulls off Super-Grrl's belt. With Sandy now super-powered, things really go from bad to worse for both Super-Grrl and Super-Stripper.

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