topless catfightAnd yet another new girl enters the DT ring as Renee makes her grappling debut against sensuous Sinn Sage. Though well matched in size, Sinn does have the advantage of experience—but Renee has drive and ambition, and this contest sees the lead being exchanged between both battlers throughout. Renee's top is the first to be torn away but this does little to slow the newbie down. The fight rages on, punctuated by tight scissors, mean hairpulls and, of course a good amount of chokes and cheap shots to the body. Arms are almost yanked from their shoulders and tender bodies crash to the canvas as they are tossed about the ring or decked with a clothesline. These topless cuties really spare nothing in their mutual destruction as fists and feet take their punishing toll. Sinn does not want to be shown up by this new kid on the block, and Renee is not willing to give up at any cost. It isn't until the finishing hold of choice, a tight, breathtaking sleeper is applied that one gallant lass finally succumbs to defeat.

topless catfightDT's two top Latina powerhouses, Francesca and Santana, meet in the ring for the first time in years in our next match. Santana proves that she's as strong as ever as she wraps her muscular legs around Francesca's waist. Francesca shows that she's also still got it as she pummels Santana's belly with her fists, breaking Santana's hold and trapping her in a waist scissors of her own. Francesca tortures Santana with a surfboard, but Santana soon has her on her back again and rips off Francesca's top. Using the rope for leverage, Santana torments Francesca with a mean bow and arrow stretch. Stomping Francesca mercilessly, Santana follows up with some body blows and a vicious crotch grab. Francesca is brutalized with body blows, hairpulls and even a hand smother as Santana's comeback tour seems to be claiming yet another trophy. Santana knees Francesca's face and knees her in the crotch as Francesca's moans and wails become more and more pathetic. Can Francesca rally against her Latin rival—or will she be just lucky to survive?

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