topless catfightTwo pairs of the most titanic tits ever to grace the DT ring are magnificently showcased as Shannan Leigh and Summer Cummings start this match fully topless. Shannan's initial choke is quickly countered by Summer's waist scissors and Shannan is soon writhing in pain as Summer pours on the pressure. Shannan retaliates with a bow and arrow stretch, but quickly finds herself on her stomach with Summer weighing down on her back. The action continues to seesaw as each bodacious babe tries to choke and squeeze the life out of each other. A chest-to chest bearhug finds both girls vying for crushing dominance but Summer's bigger boobs give her an unfair advantage—so Shannan switches to a reverse hug that slows, but doesn't stop Summer, who uses a blow to the face to set Shannan up for a reverse bearhug of her own. One buxom brawler is finally squeezed into unconsciousness.

topless catfightOur second match features the comely Lisa Comshaw looking forward to her fight with Tylene Buck. Tylene works Lisa down to the mat in no time but the wily brunette uses her fist to escape and is quickly on top of the blonde with a crushing crossbody press. Lisa works her way into a reverse head scissors to further punish the struggling Tylene, who screams wildly as Lisa yanks the blonde's bikini bottom up her crotch. Tylene exacts her vengeance as she stomps Lisa to he floor and wraps her mighty arms around Lisa's neck. The tables are turned often as both fantastic femmes endure more wedgies up their crotches, more scissors, more chokes, more punches and more crotch claws than any woman should be able to withstand. When one girl's strength is finally gone, she is further beaten and humbled until a head scissor knockout mercifully snuffs out her suffering.

topless catfightAnother new face graces the DT ring as DJ goes through her initiation by fire against Charlie Laine. DJ really shows that she knows how to groove with beat as she rhythmically pounds her elbow into Charlie's kidneys. Charlie tries to slow down the ambitious newbie with a waist scissors, but DJ actually bites her way out. This new kid is definitely not new to the catfighting scene. Charlie ups the aggression as she stretches DJ's arms and kicks the taller brunette in the gut repeatedly. DJ resorts to more dirty tricks as she chokes Charlie and slams the smaller girl's head on the mat. The action goes back and forth at a fever pitch as both bikini tops are torn from their moorings and DJ's boobs also make their DT debut. With all the stomping, clawing and brutal punching causing so much damage it finally comes down to a sleeper finish that leaves one girl down and out for good.

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