topless catfightSinn Sage is the picture of confidence as she faces the willowy blonde newbie Ireland. They waste no time getting into the action as they quickly fall to the mat in a tangle of flailing limbs. Sinn gets an early chokehold on her coughing adversary. Ireland is choked on the ring ropes as well and her top is quickly ripped away, but that doesn't stop her from mounting a devastating counterattack of clotheslines, kicks, arm stretches and slamming Sinn's head into the mat. But Sinn has only begun to fight as she mounts Ireland's stomach, pinning the blonde's arms to her side as Sinn mauls Ireland's pert breasts. This is a topless catfight of the first order as these girls, choke, claw, bend, crush and toss each other with mutual savagery, leading to a surprise sleeper ending that makes a rematch almost inevitable.

topless catfightAnother lovely new face adorns the DT roster as the enchanting Celeste makes her debut against another relative newbie, Melissa. Melissa welcomes Celeste into the world of catfighting by quickly tossing the brunette to the mat, where she bends Celeste into a matchbook. Celeste powers out and stretches Melissa's legs while planting her foot in Melissa's ass. As Melissa is thrown to the canvas again, she learns not to be fooled by Celeste's relative inexperience. This brunette knows how to catfight and is set upon making a quick name for herself. After throwing, choking, and battering each other around the arena, both topless ladies punish each other without letup. Melissa becomes noticeably tired and is almost taken out a few times as the celestial one really gives her a workout. A final head scissors knockout takes all the fight out of one weary warrior.

topless catfightDT fave Jewell Marceau is looking forward to dining on some fresh meet as she prepares to fight tall newcomer Natalia. The ladies immediately entangle themselves in each other as the tumble to the ring floor like flesh pretzels. Natalia had initially dismissed Jewell's prowess due to Jewell's shorter stature, but starts rethinking her bravado as Jewell pounces on top of her. Jewell claws Natalia's exposed breasts and adds spanking to the indignity of a facesit. Natalia snaps out of her daze and leaps atop Jewell's back while using the smaller girl's legs to apply pressure to Jewell's spine. When both tops are ripped off, the exposed mounds make tempting torture targets and these hellions seldom resist temptation. This choking, squeezing, mauling, biting and smothering ring ruckus just keeps getting hotter, but in the end a rib-crushing waist scissors saps all the fight out of one game dark-haired beauty.

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