topless catfightTiny titan Sinn Sage struts her stuff in her even tinier purple bikini as she prepares to battle it out with the curvaceous JC Marie (Jana), in a revealing black bikini. Sinn may be smaller, but she definitely makes up for it in sheer aggression. She is quickly on top of the luscious blonde and quickly resorts to using JC's bikini top as a choking weapon after they're both stripped topless. While the bigger JC forces the wiry Sinn into the corner for some body blows, the little brunette knocks the golden girl down and stomps her as she stretches her in a bow and arrow. After taking a bite out of JC's delicious rump, Sinn starts clawing the blonde's equally impressive breasts. JC fights back with some choking action and this ring riot just keeps getting wilder. After a parade of chokes, head butts, smothers, limb stretches and other forms of abuse, it is a tight sleeper that puts an end to one girl's hope of victory.

topless catfightNext, two of our newer ladies go at it as slim blonde Melissa tangles with brown-haired Charlie Laine. Pretty much well matched in size, Melissa starts off strong as she applies a quick bearhug on Charlie, sending her foe to the mat where Melissa rocks Charlie with an elbow smash to the gut. Melissa really pours it on as she straddles Charlie while choking her. Belly punching her way out, Charlie clamps Melissa's head in a headlock, but the blonde easily elbows out. When Melissa is trapped in a reverse straddle and choke, she resorts to biting Charlie's arm to escape. Each girl takes her turn at ramming her enemy's head into the turnbuckle and soon both girls lose their skimpy bikini tops. Both girls are noticeably tired as the fight roars on until a sleeper provides one gallant grappler all the rest she'll ever need.

topless catfightMia returns as the white-bikinied California Kid, who acknowledges that she has little chance of winning against Big Bad Sandy in our third no-holds-barred match. The black masked blonde quickly takes the Kid down with an arm bar and traps Mia in a reverse standing head scissors. The camera ogles Mia's sexy ass as it writhes under the pressure. Mia's head is further tortured by a powerful headlock, which Sandy uses to force the Kid into the corner where a belly blow sends the brunette down on her butt. Mia is definitely getting the worst of this as her arms are stretched, her head is bashed, her legs are twisted and her body is crushed. While Mia does get a brief turn atop Sandy, it's pretty much the black-garbed villainess who dominates this short, but deadly, non-topless battle.

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