topless catfightAfter too long an absence, the sensationally sultry Santana returns to the DT ring to face newcomer and Penthouse Pet of the Year, Jamie Lynn, making her DT debut. Santana appears to have lost a little of her edge in the opening moments as her attempts to take the tyro down backfires and Jamie is soon straddling and choking the long-haired tanned beauty. Jamie wraps her long legs around Santana's waist and continues to pour on the pressure. Finally, Santana's survival instincts return and she punches Jaime's stomach to escape the hold and set Santana up to give this upstart a real wrestling lesson. Jamie's breasts pop out of her bikini top as Santana combines a waist scissors and arm bar to punish the lithe blonde. Santana works Jamie's arm on the ring rope and further wears down her less experienced opponent with punches and kicks to the belly. Santana's famed ferocity is evident as the Latin legend combines a choke using the ring rope with some breast claws. The blows keep on coming as Jamie is sent down to the mat yet again. Jamie's finally had enough as she explodes with several blasts to Santana's stomach followed by a choke, scissors combo. This teaches Santana never to underestimate any opponent and both topless dolls go after each other ferociously, with limbs twisted and stretched and bodies thrown and battered. A sleeper brings this deadly donnybrook to a definitive conclusion.

topless catfightTwo of the most beautiful blondes ever to step into the ring, Tylene Buck and JC Marie (formerly Jana Cat) go after each other one more time in this topless showdown. Bikini tops are nowhere to be seen as their golden globes glisten under the California sun. Tylene takes charge quickly and chokes the cornered JC Marie, flipping her hard to the canvas for good measure. Tylene combines a reverse facesit with some rump spanks and nipple torture and uses a follow-up crossbody press to crush the air out of JC's bodacious body. Body blows and leg twists keep the hurt on the struggling JC as she whimpers in pain. Her humiliation is amplified by Tylene tickling JC's foot and wedging her bikini bottom high up JC's tight round ass. Tylene is drunk with power as she continues to toss her golden haired rival across the ring, yanking at JC's long locks and driving blows across her gorgeous face and upon her fabulous body. JC can barely breathe as breast smothers, a foot to her throat and hand chokes sap even more air from her lungs. If JC is ever to stand a chance against Tylene's relentless attacks, she'll have to rally hard and soon—before she becomes a beaten blonde heap at the foot of a brazen blonde victor.

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