pro-style wrestlingRockin' Raquel takes on two ring savvy opponents in this twin bill. The first pro-style match pits her against her rival Onyx in a rollicking showcase of grappling expertise. Onyx is determined to avenge her last defeat and snaps Raquel in a headlock in short order, powering Raquel to the mat. Bashing Raquel's head into the turnbuckle a couple of times, Onyx follows up with some shoulder smashes to Raquel's abdomen. Onyx then tries to crush Raquel's windpipe with her foot, weakening Raquel enough to thrust her to the mat and adding elbow smashes, a Boston Crab and a standing surfboard to her arsenal of torturous maneuvers. Onyx becomes overconfident, however, and she blunders into a double kick that drops her to the mat, with Raquel crashing right on top of her. Raquel doesn't hold the advantage long, though, and Onyx regains control with standing head scissors and stomach-crushing leg scissors. But Raquel eventually turns the tables again and Onyx struggles to endure a barrage of painful maneuvers calculated to crush her into submission. The action goes back and forth as each expert maneuver is followed by another until one weary wrestler is finally pinned and counted out in this pro encounter that is truly poetry in motion.

pro-style wrestlingRaquel's next challenge comes from the titillating Tylene Buck, looking more like a centerfold than a wrestler as she eschews both wrestling boots and knee pads. Tylene seems out of her league at first as Raquel takes her down with a headlock and traps the bosomy blonde with a painful camel clutch. Tylene's back and arms are further tormented by Raquel's standing surfboard. Redirecting her attack, Raquel punishes Tylene's slender legs with a figure-four leglock that sends the golden girl yowling in pain. Then it's Tylene's stomach that is punished by Raquel's destructive elbow smashes. After having her legs and arms punished some more, Tylene suffers through even more ab torture as Raquel digs her iron fingers into Tylene's taut tummy. It looks like an easy victory for Raquel—until Tylene rallies like a house afire. Raquel is thrown across the ring and her body is battered, stretched and twisted as Tylene metes out some overdue payback. When Tylene makes the mistake of letting up on her fallen opponent, Raquel trips the blonde and sends Tylene crashing to the canvas. Now, the tables are turned again as Raquel shows no mercy in her assault. Tylene is far from done, however, and the advantage goes back and forth until a body splash from the ropes is followed by a sleeper hold that ultimately determines the winner of this hard fought battle.

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