topless catfightBuxom blonde Sandy expects to wrestle the fiery Francesca in the ring, but Francesca thinks that it would be fun to box her instead and has brought two pairs of boxing gloves into the ring. Sandy claims that she isn't that much of a boxer, but Francesca promises to be easy on her. No such luck. Francesca definitely gets in the most blows at the outset of this match and it is only through sheer toughness that Sandy bears up to the Latina's blows. However, Sandy's resistance starts to crumble as Francesca traps the blonde in the corner and pummels away at her without letup. Only the bell saves Sandy from being pounded into hamburger. Francesca definitely took the first round, but her heavy breathing may indicate that she may have tired herself out too early. The second round finds Francesca swinging wild as she continually fails to connect with the bobbing and weaving blonde, Finally seeing her opening, Sandy staggers Francesca with a right cross and proceeds to batter the dark haired beauty, landing crushing blows to Francesca's ribs. Soon it is Francesca who is being pounded in the corner—and she is the first to go down. Barely beating the ten-count, Francesca uses the ropes to get to her feet, where she won't remain for long.

topless catfightNext, two of our petite vixens, Cheryl Rusa and Stacy Burke, face each other in a contest of pugilistic prowess. Equally matched in height and weight, the blonde Stacy lands some powerful blows on Cheryl, but the little brunette gives back as much as she takes. When Cheryl is trapped in the corner and is bombarded with devastating body and head blows, Cheryl desperately tries to slow down Stacy's momentum by clinching her tightly. Cheryl is practically lead-footed after the break as Stacy lands lethal lobs of lethal leather in rapid succession, forcing the addled Cheryl to clinch once more. Cheryl crashes to the mat and is almost counted out, but gets to her feet in time to be saved by the bell. Stacy charges in strong at the start of Round 2, but a few powerful belly blows weaken the blonde boxer and Cheryl totally dominates, destroying a visibly shaken Stacy with hard punches to the face and belly. Stacy is trapped helplessly in her own corner as she is pelted again and again. Now, it is her turn to be saved by the clang of the bell and Stacy learns not to underestimate Cheryl again. The battle rages on as one girl is eventually overwhelmed and hits the canvas several times before a final uppercut kayo ends the contest once and for all.

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