topless catfightTwo of our newer girls, Charlie and Melissa, face each other in the DT ring to continue their climb to the top of the grappling ladder. Charlie quickly pounces on Melissa and flattens the slim blonde on the mat, but Charlie's advantage doesn't last long. Melissa tosses Charlie face down on the canvas and wriggles Charlie into a matchbook maneuver that puts a great strain on Charlie's back. As Melissa tries to lift Charlie, Charlie reverses the momentum and Melissa ends up crashing down. Charlie tortures Melissa with a Boston Crab, and the action mounts up with bodies straddled, hair pulled and one girl being worked over on the turnbuckles. The tops don't stay on for long as these topless tusslers just pour on the violent action. Clotheslines, stomps, breast claws and spanks are administered with malicious abandon. Slim limbs are stretched, twisted and mauled as breasts are used to smother, with chokes and scissors added to further squeeze the life's breath out of one combatant after the other. A sleeper finishing hold finally ends the struggles of own game, but beaten young warrior.

topless catfightNext, two of our more experienced ladies, Francesca Lé and Christine Dupree meet up in the ring for some good old-fashioned femme fight action. Christine sets the tone of the match by immediately digging her nails into Francesca's breast, which the Latina quickly reciprocates. The furious Francesca punches Christine in the gut and traps her in a standing head scissors. Christine tosses the tanned brunette to the mat and pounces on top of her, digging her talons into Francesca's crotch. These ladies do know how to fight dirty. Even as Christine traps Francesca with a waist scissors, she can't help but up the torment with some breasts clawing that leads to Francesca's red bikini top being torn off her body. Francesca returns the favor and even digs her teeth into Christine's impressive boobs. Chokes, elbow smashes, head smashes against the turnbuckles are but preludes to further devastating tactics like standing surfboards, camel clutches and Boston Crabs. These girls throw each other around like two champions who know their way around a ring and know what it takes to win. When one fierce fighter finally succumbs to a sleeper, it is definitely a hard fought victory for one proud battler.

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