Mia Walters makes another increasingly rare return to the ring as the white suited California Kid falls victim to the black-garbed baddie, Sandy, who uses Mia as her practice dummy to show off some of Sandy's arsenal of deadly moves. Sandy begins her demonstration with a knee to Mia's gut, followed by a standing surfboard with her foot planted deep into the kneeling Mia's back. Sandy then chokes the hapless brunette and sets the cowgirl up for a crushing bearhug. Mia is further tormented with claws, chokes, and severe wedgies as her bikini bottom is yanked hard up Mia's tender butt crack. Why Mia volunteered for this torture fest may never be known, but she, and her abused butt, is sure going to regret it.

Next, Sinn Sage goes cheek to cheek with the gorgeous JC Marie (formerly Jana Cat) in a ring encounter that takes delicious delight in derriere destruction. When Sinn claims that JC's boyfriend prefers Sinn's booty over hers, the ring rivals take it to the mat to determine who, indeed, has the superior ass. These girls really punish each other with body presses, slaps and hard punches to the body, but the definite emphasis is on their bodacious bottoms which get their fair share of abuse amid the knees to the gut and heads rammed into the turnbuckle. Using their butts as weapons Sinn and JC Marie mash their rounded bottoms against each other repeatedly. In the end, one girl claims victory and claims her booty—as the best.

There's more ass action in our third match as Charlie Laine takes on the much larger Star Chandler, who uses her weight advantage to get an early lead on the winsome Charlie by sitting on the smaller girl's back and torturing her with a chin lock. All the while Star's plump ass grinds itself on top of Charlie's taut derriere. The butt cheeks continue to press against each other as Charlie winds up getting the advantage over Star and straddles the redhead as Star's chest is pressed into the mat. With every new maneuver, each girl gets another opportunity to mount her ample ass against that of her adversary, and they both make the most out of it. When one girl finally surrenders, her punishment is to give the winner a long, sensual massage on the victor's naked butt.

topless catfight

topless catfight

topless catfight

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