topless catfightPolice officer Anastasia Pierce storms in to arrest suspected prostitute Shayla, but the blonde perp, offended by Officer Pierce's accusations, challenges the lady cop to a fight, with Anastasia stripped of her gendarme accoutrements. Anastasia strips naked, but Shayla only gets down to her black g-string, hose, boots and cross-tape pasties before forcing the naked officer on the couch for some breast mauling. Anastasia reverses the assault and subjects Shayla's large boobs to some police brutality. As the fight spills out to the floor the cop and the hooker take turns pulling hair, grabbing tits and pressing one's full body weight on top of the other. After trading a few blows, Anastasia rips off one of Shayla's pasties, but the blonde pins the cop and tries to smother her with her ample breasts. Eventually, Shayla loses her other pasty and the fully topless blonde bimbo and her crimefighting adversary quite literally have their hands full as they clamp their nails into each other's bare bosoms and tussle all over the apartment. The handcuffs are snapped on to one beaten beauty, but will it be sweet justice that triumphs, or will crime actually pay?

topless catfightNext we find roommates Crystal White and Nicole Moore sitting on the couch discussing Nicole's date the previous night—who just happens to be Crystal's boyfriend. Trading insults, the two blondes pull off each other's bikini tops and finally decide to settle the matter once and for all. They remove their high heels and tear into each other with Crystal pressing her weight on Nicole on the couch and then Nicole taking the master position on the carpet. Long legs embrace waistlines like pythons and arms wrap around throats like vises as these jealous jousters roll and tumble across the room. Inevitably, the panties come off and these delicious divas of destruction grope, claw and kick each other in all their exposed glory. Bearhugs, breast smothers and long headlocks are just a few of the mean means that each bare naked lady uses to destroy and demoralize her fair-haired rival. In the end, two exhausted beauties end the day wet with sweat, and weary to the bone.

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