topless catfightDT welcomes two new girls to its ever-expanding roster of grapplers as pretty young blonde Ireland goes up against black and beautiful Dominique. What these little ladies lack in experience they more than make up for in exuberance as they charge into each other in tangle of flying, twisting limbs. Dominique tosses Ireland to the mat and clamps a chokehold on her as both their flimsy tops are torn away. After getting stomped by the dark diva, Ireland retaliates by straddling Dominique's back and bashing the black girl's head on the mat. Ireland further punishes her opponent by stretching Dominique's arms back in a crude sitting surfboard. This catfight just keeps getting hotter as these terrific tyros bash heads into turnbuckles, wrap limbs around bodies and toss each other around like flailing crash dummies. In the end, a mutual chest-to-chest bearhugs finds each girl struggling for breath at the hands (or, more precisely, arms) of the other. It's a breathtaking ending with an unexpected conclusion for what we hope will be just the first of many matches with these two petite powerhouses.

topless catfightThe fists fly hard as Tylene Buck dukes it out in the living room with the hard-hitting Francesca Lé. Knocking Tylene off her exercise ball, Francesca gives the blonde a real abs workout by blasting her fists into Tylene's taut midsection. Then the Latin locomotive proceeds to pound Tylene's crotch with her feet and knees. Even the exercise ball is used as a weapon against the busty Tylene. Tylene finally manages to get some payback as she smashes her knuckles into Francesca's gut and reverses the brunette's head scissors so that she can spank Francesca's fabled derriere. The tops are torn away and used as weapons as breasts get mauled, faces get slapped and bodies get kicked. After weakening Francesca with a choke, Tylene lifts her adversary by the hair and throws her against the wall. Now Tylene gets some sweet revenge as she punches Francesca's repeatedly. Francesca is then thrown to the carpet, but manages to eventually turn the tables around, and soon it is Tylene who's backed against the wall as the recipient of some bare-fisted bombardment. How much brutality can these buxom beauties withstand before one bruised babe can endure no more?

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