Our DT beauties really take their lumps in this trio of testosterone vs. estrogen encounters, starting with everyone's favorite Hispanic hellion, Francesca, going against Peter. Francesca comes on strong with a headlock that brings Peter down hard. It takes a great surge of strength for Peter to get out of Francesca's grip but soon he is caught in a chinlock that almost fuses his jaw shut. He escapes this too but has his advantage once again reversed as Francesca pours on the pressure in a painful arm stretch. Francesca softens Peter up with more holds and scissors, and goes for a pin. Peter powers out and begins a devastating assault, using body slam and a backbreaking torture rack to overpower the little Latina. But Francesca soon fights back and pours out some pro-style punishment of her own. The action goes back and forth until a crushing bearhug saps the fight out of one battler and leads up to a total domination that goes on until the final count out.

The compactly muscled Leonard is really out to prove his male superiority as he faces three deadly dames, Sinn Sage, Charlie Laine and Melissa, in our second ring match. Sinn goes in first, unimpressed with Leonard's physique, but her bravado is soon squelched as a clothesline followed by a body slam soon has her screaming in pain. Leonard continues his destructive way with more slams, back breakers and hard throws until the devastated Sinn is pinned and counted out. Charlie is then tagged in, but does little better against the mighty Leonard. After Charlie is beaten, it's up to Melissa to take Leonard down—which she painfully fails to do. Melissa's humiliation is amplified as her breasts pop out of her bikini top. Leonard's use of a sleeper to finish Melissa off infuriates her teammates and they attack Leonard. Will they get their revenge?
(Note: We need to categorize this match as topless due to a relatively brief exposure of Melissa's breasts, but all three ladies keep their tops on throughout the majority of this match.)

Charlie goes it solo in our third match, although, with her opponent being the notorious lady-killer The Puma, she'll likely wish she had brought some backup. The Puma's list of conquests is both impressive and expansive and Charlie may well be on her way to being mounted on his trophy case. Despite some game tries, Charlie is mauled consistently, subjected to body slams, bearhugs, camel clutches as well as body blows hairpulls, chokes, and backbreakers. Charlie is even stretched across the corner turnbuckle as Puma pummels away at her taut stomach. When the lithe lovely finally finds herself in Puma's life-sucking sleeper, it's a merciful end to a very bad day for Charlie.

topless catfight

topless catfight

topless catfight

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