In this three-bout follow-up to FOUR BOXERS IN SEARCH OF A TITLE (DT-662) the World Topless Boxing Association championship belt is still up for grabs, with four buxom battlers pounding it out for a crack at Tanya Danielle's title, and referee Christine Dupree trying to maintain order.

Match Four: Goldie "The Bad Girl "Blair starts off strong against Tylene "The Dream" Buck and the busty Brit keeps peppering Tylene with stinging blows to the head and body until The Dream goes down early midway through the first round. Goldie keeps Tylene on the defensive for the second round and the two golden haired marvels are ordered to break out of clinches several times. Goldie gives it her all from the very beginning—which may well be her undoing. As Tylene senses her opponent starting to tire, she connects with a hard blow to the head that sends Goldie reeling—and the contest becomes more unpredictable. This ends with a winner determined by decision.

Match Five: Goldie returns to duke it out with Crystal "Brilliant" White, each looking for the first win and the Third Place prize. The opening bell sends Crystal out like a whirlwind and she batters Goldie in the corner like a punching bag. Goldie is given a standing 8-count to recover, but is quickly caught on the receiving end of Crystal's bruising barrage, until the Brit is saved by the bell ending the first round. Goldie's luck gets worse in the second round and The Bad Girl goes down to her knees after enduring even more of the Brilliant one's assault. Will The Bad Girl be able to make a comeback? A knockout answers that question most definitively.

Match Six: "Hollywood" and Tylene "The Dream" Buck finally face each, with each combatant determined to deliver her opponent her first defeat. The battle starts evenly enough until Tylene falls. The Cream recovers quickly and gives as good as she gets until the bell ends the first round. After several more exchanged blows, Hollywood decks Tylene again and The Dream again struggles to get to her feet before the ten-count. The match goes back and forth with Hollywood kissing the canvas several times as well. Who will be the ultimate winner in this elimination contest? The final outcome may surprise you.

topless catfight

topless catfight

topless catfight

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