topless catfightThe sexy superheroines return in two costumed fantasies written by comics superstar George Pérez, who also directs the first titanic tale on this video. When the nefarious Prowler (Scott) escapes from prison, the new Night Witch (Tina Z) is contacted by her sister heroine Anthem (Tanya Danielle), fearing that the criminal will seek vengeance upon the black-suited heroine who captured him. Night Witch, unconcerned with such threats, goes to the Prowlers' home to search for clues and is stunned to be confronted by the Prowler himself. To no one's surprise, the Prowler is no match for the caped crimefighter and he's soon knocked senseless on the floor. Night Witch is ready to take the villain in, but a nasty surprise awaits her inside a small pink bottle. The Prowler ingests a strange potion which transforms him into a ferocious, fanged monster—one strong enough to beat Night Witch—and vicious enough to destroy her. The only thing that saves Night Witch from annihilation is a noise from outside. It's Anthem, who wanted to make sure her friend wasn't heading into a trap. Unfortunately, when Anthem finds Night Witch bound to a balcony railing, the star-spangled sensation realizes that it is she who has fallen into a trap and she fights for her life against the vengeance-seeking monstrosity.

topless catfightOur second super story features two new mega-babes, Vamp (Vanessa Harding) and Lady Victory (Crystal White) responding to a summons from the mysterious Mr. Zerpé. Their patience is strained to the breaking point by a vapid, obnoxious receptionist (Cheryl Rusa), whose every word and gesture lend new meaning to the word "bimbo". She even attempts to light a cigarette, despite the clearly visible "No Smoking" sign. The heroines are finally directed to the Arena of Champions where they wait impatiently. When Vamp and Lady Victory see the receptionist standing by the edge of the arena and lighting yet another cigarette, they warn her to drop the lighter. Too late. As the receptionist takes a good drag, the heroines gape in bewilderment as the blonde dimwit begins to convulse on the mat. The receptionist's wails transform into animal-like growls as she transforms into the fearsome hellcat called Locoweed. As the lightning-fast creature decks both Lady Victory and Vamp, the heroines realize that they've been set up. Firing power beams at Locoweed is only momentarily successful as the sharp-toothed predator roars into action and proceeds to tear the two busty champions apart. It's super beauties vs. brutal beasts in this exciting costume double feature!

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