topless catfightLisa Comshaw and Christine Dupree may both be starting out our first match in bras and panties, but only one of them will end up that way. Lisa knocks Christine down with a series of hard punches, but the experienced Christine soon traps Lisa in the corner and repeatedly drives her knees into Lisa's stomach. Throwing Lisa to the canvas, Christine follows up with some leg drops across Lisa's midsection. Christine then removes Lisa's bra and begins clawing, pinching and slapping the fallen girl's full breasts. Draping Lisa over her knee, Christine adds crotch torture to her arsenal of agony. Lisa's panties are yanked hard up her ass and crotch again and again bringing ever-louder yowls of pain from poor Lisa. It's almost an act of mercy when Christine finally removes Lisa's abused panties. However, Lisa's torment just gets worse and worse as Christine aims her sights, and her claws, on Lisa's breast and crotch (pulling mercilessly on Lisa's pubic hair. The brutality in this bare brouhaha will definitely be one Lisa's body will not easily recover from.

topless catfightA fight over a boyfriend soon finds the sweaty and naked bodies of Julie Winchester and Stacy Burke tangling with each other for supremacy. Starting in tops and shorts, Julie starts the fracas with a headlock, which segues into a mutual bearhug between the two wildcats. They grab and grope each other as they roll on the carpet and bite each other's toes. Deciding to settle this matter the way the Spartans did, Julie and Stacy remove each other's clothes and face each other dressed only in their skin. They then waste no time going for their tender areas as crotches are subjected to manicured talons of torture. After getting a bite out of one girl's breast, the two tusslers end up on the carpet and perform a lengthy test of strength with their long, limber legs. Julie and Stacy then plant their feet in the crotch of the other girl. These hellacious harpies twist, writhe, squeeze and grope one another with neither mercy nor modesty. As to which one ends up triumphant, that's for you to find out.

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