topless catfightIt's a study in contrasts as lithe and slender Charlie Laine goes up against buxom and curvaceous Shannan Leigh. Using her size and experience to her advantage, Shannan kicks Charlie to the mat and traps the smaller girl with a full-nelson / waist scissors combination. Charlie finally escapes Shannan's deadly legs and catches the bosomy brunette with a surfboard hold. Shannan goes on to pay Charlie back with some hard punches to Charlie's lean belly and then stomping her down on the mat, finally trapping Charlie in a surfboard of her own. Charlie rallies for a bit, but Shannan slows down her progress by choking Charlie with her own bra. Charlie returns the favor and starts throwing and punching Shannan all over the ring, but Shannan manages to regain the advantage again and delivers more belly blows to her supple challenger. Whenever Charlie gets an edge over Shannan, the bigger girl manages to overcome Charlie's momentum and furthers disorients the slim grappler with an airplane spin, followed by more belly bombardment. This furious donnybrook reaches its violent conclusion with a sleeper that sends one exhausted warrior into slumber land.

topless catfightNext, the delectable, but deadly, Jewell Marceau faces the gorgeous and hard-bodied blonde Cassie. An initial test of strength brings surprising results as the muscular Cassie is brought down by the softer Jewell, who pounds away at the blonde's concrete abs. As Jewell straddles Cassie, the blonde responds to Jewell's breast claws with some vise-like boob crushing of her own. A headlock by Cassie is followed by a hip toss that sends the bondage queen sprawling on the mat. Jewell brings Cassie down and facesits her rival as she digs her nails into the bright haired girl's crotch. A unique double waist scissors brings grimaces of pain to both combatants, but it is Jewell who goes on the offensive as she throws Cassie into the corner and pounds away at Cassie's belly. Both sets of impressive breasts are exposed to torturous abuse as these ladies go all out to destroy each other. With every body toss, every stomach blow, every hair pull the fight for ring supremacy finally comes down to a triple play of bearhug, waist scissors and figure-four head scissor that brings this murderous melee to an enervating end.

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