topless catfightOur first hard-hitting match finds Francesca Lé, dressed in very skimpy black sling suit and boots, really getting angry as she reads the latest custom script and learns she's to lose the upcoming crotch match to Tylene Buck. Tylene finally enters the ring wearing an identical outfit. Francesca tells the brazen blonde that the script is crazy, that Francesca has the tougher crotch. Tylene scoffs, claiming Francesca can't take five of her kicks to the crotch and quickly ushers Francesca to the corner and spreads her legs across the middle rope, tying Francesca's arms behind her back. Then Tylene proceeds to kick Francesca's womanly split repeatedly. After the fifth strike, Francesca concedes and admits she can take no more, but Tylene won't stop and pounds the brunette's crotch with her fists and feet. Adding some breast torture to her rain of destruction, Tylene pours on the punishment until Francesca is out cold. Later, Francesca finally awakens to find herself alone in the ring and escapes from her bondage. When Tylene returns to have more fun with her victim, Francesca ambushes her and now piles on the same destruction on a tied up Tylene. Francesca continues destroying Tylene on the mat, even going so far as to take her boot off and use it to pound Tylene's crotch. Tylene does manage to turn the tables again and aims most of her rage on Francesca's crotch. In the end, one battered, topless beauty is left hanging unconscious on the ropes›pounded and destroyed.

topless catfightA job assessment interview goes horribly wrong when employee JC Marie (formerly Jana Cat) rebuffs the advances of boss Diana Knight, who exacts revenge by pounding the beautiful blonde mercilessly. Dressed in white jacket, black skirt, hose and heels JC Marie is a delicious looking target as Diana, also dressed for success, batters away at the blonde's face and belly. JC Marie tries to fight back but she's no match for the devastating Diana and the gold-tressed employee is left unconscious on the sofa. Diana calls in JC Marie's actual lover, branch manager Tylene Buck, and starts working her over as well. Tylene is battered like a punching bag and eventually stripped down to her panties, hose and heels, giving new meaning to the term "getting dressed down by your boss." Enjoying the spectacle, Diana strips down to her hose and heels as well, and even does the same to the unconscious JC Marie. Getting back to beating down Tylene, Diana is too absorbed with her fun to notice the recovered JC Marie sneaking up behind her. Now it's the boss lady who is in for some major body punishment as the two golden girls get down to some serious job action.

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