topless catfightSinn Sage, who has become, in a very short time, one of our most popular new grapplers, seems like an experienced pro as she tangles with young Melissa, making her DT debut. These two alley cats go at each other fast and furious as they quickly become a blurred tangle of arms and legs tussling on the mat. Blonde Melissa, in her tiny star-spangled bikini, proves to be a catfight natural as she tosses Sinn to the mat and spanks her firm butt. Sinn shows how it's done by biting Melissa in her ass and stretching the golden-haired girl with a strenuous bow and arrow. When Sinn tries to choke Melissa with her own hair, Melissa fights back with some biting action of her own. As Sinn traps Melissa in a camel clutch, the brunette pulls off the blonde's starry top and chokes her with it. These hellions pour on the pain with hair pulls, belly punches, knee blows and smothers. No real science to their attacks—but who cares? These lithe young lovelies give it all they have and neither babe is intending to give in. It isn't until one valiant vixen is trapped in a breathtaking sleeper that the outcome of this heated contest is finally decided.

topless catfightIt's years of experience versus youthful hubris as Tasha Welch decides to teach cocky newbie Maya Hill a thing or two about what it takes to be a DT fighting femme. After bringing her baby-faced opponent down with a test of strength, Tasha presses her body down on the recumbent Maya, but the youngster just giggles at Tasha's attempts. A few blows to Maya's belly soon knock some of the levity out of Tasha's young foe. Maya opts to get serious and catches Tasha in a waist scissors. However, Maya's in the big leagues now and Tasha proves that with a standing surfboard that puts a major strain on Maya's arms and back. Maya's top is ripped off as Tasha continues her assault. Maya proves to be quite the quick study, however as Tasha soon finds herself on her belly as Maya strangles her with her own bikini top. The action goes back and forth pretty evenly from that point on and it looks like victory could go to either the veteran or the novice. An over the knee backbreaker followed by a camel clutch ultimately settles that question.

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