topless catfightSandy, DT's favorite Queen of Heels, returns to the ring to add the busty blonde Shayla to her list of devastated losers. Sandy gets the advantage first—but Shayla quickly reverses Sandy's hammerlock with one of her own, pouring the pressure on Sandy's arm and shoulder. Tossing Shayla to the mat, Sandy stretches Shayla's arms painfully, following up with a body slam. After escaping Sandy's matchbook pin, Shayla tries to get the upper hand with a headlock, but Sandy elbows her way out and decks Shayla with a clothesline. After enduring Sandy's foot grinding into her crotch, Shayla rallies back and starts punishing Sandy, but Shayla's momentum is soon impeded as Sandy lifts, drops and throws Shayla around the ring. Shayla's breasts escape the confines of her skimpy bikini top as she is tortured by a chin lock and waist scissors. Shayla goes for broke as she resorts to punching and kicking her bigger opponent. Unfortunately, this just prompts Sandy to retaliate in kind and inevitably, the battered Shayla is caught in Sandy's sleeper, ending the first fall. As Shayla recovers for the second fall, she challenges Sandy to a test of strength and manages to flip Sandy to the mat. Snaring Sandy in a head scissors, Shayla begins to believe that she can beat the Queen of Heels, but after a thundering body slam from Sandy, Shayla's dreams of victory—especially after repeated sleeper holds—remain just that, only dreams.

topless catfightNext, the Queen of Heels may have finally met her match as wrestling legend Hollywood vows to end Sandy's reign of terror. Hollywood challenges Sandy to a test of strength and quickly sets the tone of this match by kicking Sandy repeatedly until the blonde goes down. Hollywood then stomps on Sandy's leg and attempts a quick pin, only to be snared by Sandy's head scissors. Punching Hollywood in the belly, Sandy attempts to prove her superiority. But, this is Hollywood she's fighting and the veteran wrestler soon stands over a prone Sandy as she stomps the blonde repeatedly. Then the tide turns in Sandy's favor and she plants her foot on the now-prostrate Hollywood's throat. But then, the unthinkable happens. Hollywood catches Sandy in one of her famous sleeper holds—and knocks out the Queen of Heels! The first fall goes to Hollywood and it looks like all of Sandy's past victims will finally be avenged. Hollywood continues punishing Sandy in the second fall, but Sandy finally recovers and begins a comeback that catches Hollywood in various throws, stretches, kicks and blows. After battering Hollywood in the corner, Sandy follows up a body slam with her own sleeper, sending her opponent into dreamland to end the second fall. With the score now even, this match can go either way. Will Hollywood put an end to Sandy's sadistic reign—or will the Queen of Heels retain her crown.
(Note: We need to categorize this match as topless due to a very brief glimpse of Hollywood's breast at the end, but both ladies keep their tops on throughout majority of this match.)

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