topless catfightThe enormously endowed Summer Cummings is intent on punching the bodaciously bountiful Shannan Leigh into oblivion—but that's definitely not how Shannan intends it to be as Shannan quickly takes charge and lands some hard blows across Summer's face. Trapped in the corner, Summer reels from Shannan's punches, but recovers enough to reverse positions with her opponent. Now it is Shannan's jaw that gets rattled by a Summer rain of fists. More punches are exchanged to the face and gut as Shannan tries desperately to get out of the corner. Summer just wants Shannan to go down, so she starts punching her opponent's legs. Her knees weakened, Shannan manages to wobble out of the corner, leaving her high heels behind. Being barefoot actually gives Shannan a slight advantage as she and Summer pound each other like movie stuntmen. Summer finally discards her shoes after nearly tripping and the barefoot beauties continue their body-battering brawl, aiming their sights on each other's face, breasts and stomach. Even when both girls are on their knees they just keep on swinging. Finally, one bloodied beauty can barely stand as she is brutally clobbered into defeat.

topless catfightBlonde Brit Goldie Blair dukes it out with bondage queen Jewell Marceau in our second hard-knuckled brawl. Goldie lands a few good lobs to Jewell's belly, and the brunette reciprocates with some belly bombs of her own. Jewell staggers Goldie with a punch to the head, and follows up with even more stomach. Goldie bashes Jewell hard enough to pop one of Jewell's breasts out of her bikini top, but that doesn't slow either woman down. Adding bared breasts as targets, the battering just gets hotter with each fierce strike. Goldie tries to weaken her opponent with a breast smother, but Jewell escapes with some smashes to Goldie's ribs. The prostrate Goldie is then pounded in the stomach and breasts as Jewell grinds her fist deep into her blonde foe's body. Using the ring ropes to choke and weaken her enemy, one pretty pugilist gets the ultimate advantage and uses a smother finish to send her foe into total unconsciousness.

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