topless catfightOne of our newest girls, Charlie Laine, is pitted against an even newer girl, Renee Perez (making her DT debut) in our first hot match up. The catfighting tricks start in quickly as Charlie pulls Renee's auburn hair to force down on the mat and spanking Renee's tight butt like a drum. The tiny bikini tops come off quickly as these tussling tigresses claw at each other's pert breasts. Charlie brings Renee down with a clothesline and works on the Hispanic girl's legs, but Renee darts back to her feet and throws Charlie to the canvas and straddles her struggling opponent. Charlie reverses this and again digs her nails into Renee's tits. It seems that catfighting really comes easy to these fierce tyros and bodies are twisted, hair is pulled and bodies are stomped with wicked, wanton ferocity. While one girl struggles to escape from a crude camel clutch, the other later howls in pain as her arms are stretched back behind her by her straddling opponent. Feet dig into crotches, heads are battered on turnbuckles and the action just keeps heating up until one terribly tired tyro's fire is finally extinguished.

topless catfightIn our second match, two of our seasoned regulars, Lisa and Francesca, set out to tear each other apart—and we mean that literally! Lisa vows to get Francesca's championship belt, but the champ's not even remotely intimidated—until Lisa thrusts her hands on Francesca's throat. Lisa quickly sets the tone for this claw-fest as he digs her nails into Francesca's breasts and crotch. Lisa continues her clawing, tearing ways as he pins Francesca to the mat. Francesca resorts to some nail-digging action of her own as she tortures Lisa as she sits on her face. Pounding Lisa's snatch for good measure, Francesca relishes this kind of torturing action and bares Lisa's breast to ratchet up the agony. Francesca even uses her teeth to tear into Lisa's mounds. There's only one way for Lisa to escape and soon it is Francesca whose tits and crotch are being torn asunder. The groping and clawing go on throughout this wrathful encounter, with punches, stomps, bites, and even an occasional wrestling hold coalescing into a cataclysmic cornucopia of crotch-crushing cruelty.

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