And now for something a little different. The voluptuous Shannan Leigh is out to get the cocky Sinn Sage who has been dishing out the trash talk all over town. Shannan vows to humiliate the little upstart. Meanwhile, at ringside, Sinn awaits her big-boobed opponent with great confidence. The trash talk gets hot and heavy as the challenge is finally made. They will face each other in the ring. The fight begins in street clothes, with Sinn in a tiny black dress and Shannan in jeans and half tank top. Shannan makes short work of her smaller opponent, but Sinn won't take defeat so readily. She wants to take the battle to her home turf. Sinn is a champion oil wrestler and dares Shannan to fight her in a kiddy pool slathered with oil. Shannan still has the size advantage and continues her winning ways against Sinn, but the slippery environment starts leveling the playing field somewhat. Shannan is eventually stripped down to her panties and the fight spills over to the ring again, its surface covered with an oily tarp. It's a long series of slipping and sliding as the slathered catfighters squeeze and grope each other until a leg scissors puts an end to one wrestler's hopes for oily glory.

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

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