mixed wrestlingThe Puma continues his lady-killing ways as Tylene Buck tries to halt his path of female destruction. The Puma tries to escape Tylene's initial headlock by lifting the blonde, but she uses that momentum to hip toss the Puma to the mat. Not to be outdone, the Puma reverses the headlock and snares Tylene in a hammerlock. Never the gentleman, the Puma chokes the blonde and pulls hard on Tylene's hair. A hard body slam sends pain throughout Tylene's gorgeous body. Tylene is subjected to chinlocks, elbow smashes, chokes, rakes, claws, punches, reverse bearhugs, over the shoulder back breakers, and all manner of pain and destruction, including the hangman. Tylene does manage to get some payback, but can she muster enough strength and momentum to stop the misogynistic monster that is the Puma?

mixed wrestlingIn our next mixed match-up, Peter takes on three of DT's finest femmes, Honey, Vanessa and Candi, and each of the ladies is really looking forward to whooping his ass. However, Vanessa only manages to get halfway into the ring when she is ambushed by Peter and decked with a clothesline. A series of body slams send Vanessa crashing to the mat repeatedly and it's clear that Peter's out for blood. A piledriver nearly crushes Vanessa's skull and the once-confident brunette wails like child as she is weakened by an airplane spin. Vanessa is almost unconscious as Peter gets the first pin and it's up to Honey now to avenge the honor of womanhood. No such luck it seems. And when Honey is done, will Candi do any better? It's a tough day indeed for these wrestling queens.

mixed wrestlingAnd, as if Tylene wasn't enough, The Puma returns to rain destruction on the fabulous Francesca. The masked mauler is a vicious as ever as he slams Francesca to the mat and follows up with a clothesline. Francesca's arms are nearly ripped from the shoulder and the little Latina is in real trouble. So, with desperate times requiring desperate measures, Francesca digs her nails into the Puma's crotch, Catching the big brute in a figure-four head scissors, Francesca looks like she might turn the tide in her favor. It doesn't last. Five of DT's most beautiful ladies really get trounced in this unusual video wherein the female of the species isn't always the deadliest.

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