topless catfightTopless stunners Jana Cat and Francesca Lé are all tits and tenacity as they face each other in the ring. Francesca is really tired of these new girls coming into the DT ring and thinking they're so tough. Well, tough Jana is as she combines a reverse chokehold with some hard punches to Francesca's ribs. Francesca elbows out and punishes the cornered blonde with punches to the belly. Escaping the Latina's headlock with a blow to Francesca's gut, Jana wraps her long legs around Francesca's waist and squeezes with all her might. Well-rounded nipples press against each other as the sexy tusslers each strain to get the upper hand. After belly punching Francesca in the corner Jana's head clamped and she's rammed headfirst into the opposite turnbuckle. Jana's perfect breasts are mauled and she's thrown into the corner again, where her belly is an easy target for Francesca's fearsome feet. A Boston Crab almost ends it for Jana, but the blonde beauty still has a lot of fight left in her. Scissors, chokes and body blows do plenty of damage until a final combination breast and hand smother ends the war for one weary warrior.

topless catfightSinfully sexy Sinn Sage takes on hot hellion Charlie Laine in our second match. The two ladies are pretty equally matched in physique and experience and the edge goes back and forth many times. Sinn throws Charlie into the corner where she slams her opponent's head into the turnbuckle a few times. Sinn then traps Charlie with a waist scissors as Sinn simultaneously peels off Charlie's bikini top. Charlie catches Sinn in a full nelson and later uses her stripped top to choke some of the wind out of Sinn. Sinn gets Charlie in a bow and arrow stretch. Charlie smothers Sinn with her breasts. Inevitably, Sinn is topless, too, and the intensity just continues to mount. After a series of elbow blows, a lot of the fight seems to go out of Charlie and Sinn starts playing up her advantage as she drags Charlie across the ring by the hair and begins to really pound, squeeze and throttle Charlie. A smother KO finally brings one lady's torment to a merciful end.

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