nude wrestlingGorgeous criminal mastermind Black Thorn (Jana Cat) sets out to trap the lovely Super-Babe (Tylene Buck) by sending her a phony distress call. When Super-Babe arrives, the heroine demands the black-booted villainess' surrender. Black Thorn is all sass and defiance as she throws a ladder at Super-Babe, who dodges it easily. Super-Babe attacks Black Thorn and batters the blonde evildoer. All looks bleak for Black Thorne—until the bad girl lands on the couch and pulls out a green amulet that immediately weakens the superheroine. After belting away at the humbled heroine, Black Thorn ties Super-Babe to the ladder and uses the blonde avenger as a punching bag. As Black Thorn walks away to call her employer, Super-Babe breaks her bonds and goes after the girl in black. Unfortunately, Black Thorn still has the amulet and Super-Babe collapses to the floor where she is stripped and unmasked. Black Thorn then strips off her own costume and puts on Super-Babe's outfit. Now it's time for the new Super-Babe to have fun beating the hell out of her naked predecessor.

nude wrestlingTylene is on the wrong side of the law in our next fantasy as uniformed policewoman Anastasia arrives at her place to arrest the blonde hooker. Tylene refuses to be handcuffed and dares Officer Pierce to take her in without her gun—or her police uniform. Anastasia cockily obliges and prepares for a naked takedown, but she's the only one who's stripping all the way. Tylene merely takes off her robe and shoes, leaving her dress and stockings on as she attacks the startled and nude cop. Boobs are mauled, bellies are blasted and bare bodies are twisted and smacked as the blonde call girl and the naked fuzz add a whole new dimension to the phrase “resisting arrest”

nude wrestlingOur third flesh fantasy has bikini champ Francesca posing with her championship belt as challenger Lisa vows to take it away from her. Francesca decides to give it to Lisa alright—right on the head. Bashing Lisa with the belt repeatedly, Francesca exhibits the violent, lawless measures that won her the belt to begin with. There is no place on Lisa's body that's safe from the battering. With her challenger down and helpless, the sadistic champ removes Lisa's swimsuit and makes mincemeat out her naked adversary. Lisa is kicked, punched, stomped and rammed with no letup as her dreams of winning the belt are brutally battered away.

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