topless wrestlingThree bikini-clad vixens, blonde beauty Cassie and dark-haired bondagettes Jewell and Anastasia, come together in the DT ring for some bare-knuckle battling. As the fist festival commences, each girl fends for herself and no one knows who her enemy is. In due course, it becomes obvious that the brunettes have decided to form an alliance, and their mission is clearĐbash the blonde. This doesn't turn out to be as easy as it appeared, however, as Cassie really proves herself the hardest hitter of all. That is, until her mighty arms are trapped behind her by one girl as the other uses the golden girl's body as a punching bag. Cassie is subjected to some hard pummeling, and Jewell and Anastasia delight in their dominance. But their overconfidence may prove their undoing as Cassie's resilience is awe-inspiring. When one brunette is knocked back, the other has to face Cassie aloneĐand that may not be a good thing for Anastasia and Jewell. Cassie is a real scrapper, but can the dark duo snuff the fight out of her? Or will the bashing blonde blast the brunettes into joint oblivion? (Note: Though categorized as a topless match, there is actually only a brief glimpse of exposed breasts in this encounter.)

topless wrestlingIn our second match, slim little Charlie Laine looks totally outmatched by bodacious and buxom Shayla, perception seemingly verified as Shayla dumps the smaller girl to the mat and stomps her. Charlie struggles as Shayla tortures her with a kneeling surfboard. Looks do end up being very deceiving as Charlie maneuvers herself onto Shayla's back and stretches the blonde's arms painfully back. Ripping off Shayla's top exposes one impressive pair of boobs, but Charlie has little time to be impressed as she herself is defrocked, with her top used to choke her. This demolition derby turns out to be pretty even as Shayla's weight advantage doesn't seem to make a difference against a firebrand like Charlie. Bodies are tossed, kicked, punched and stomped. Hair is pulled, throats are choked and heads are bashed against the turnbuckles. A devastating clothesline finally knocks much of the fight out of one fighter and a vicious choke with the bottom ring rope completes the destruction.

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