topless catfightPert cutie Sinn Sage is totally confident that she can take down mat vet Tasha Welch and does exactly that in the opening seconds of this ring match. Sinn wastes no time in choking the taller blonde and pulling down Tasha's bikini top, the better to twist Tasha's exposed nipples. Tasha quickly reverses the hold and unsheathes Sinn's breasts, following up with a tight waist scissors. Sinn finally escapes but is quickly caught in a chokehold and tossed hard to the mat where she is viciously stomped and kicked around the ring. When Sinn finds herself caught in Tasha's dizzying airplane spin, the tiny titan may have to reassess her initial overconfidence. A standing figure-four head scissors further rattles Sinn's senses and the brunette desperately unties Tasha's bikini bottom to make her tormentor release her hold. As Tasha reties her bottom (with no frontal nudity revealed) Sinn rushes in from behind to choke her. But, again, Tasha's experience proves overwhelming as the blonde flips Sinn to the canvas and straddles the struggling newbie. As Tasha delights in further tormenting her prey's bare bosom, it becomes clear that Sinn's in for a steep uphill climb if she's to win this fierce encounter.

topless catfightTwo of our newest petite powerhouses, Charlie, in a black bikini, and Randie, in pink, face each other in our next ring ruckus. These compact combatants blast into the ring in a tangle of limbs as they each work to get the upper hand quickly. Charlie wraps her legs around Randie's waist and pours the pressure on, but Randie escapes, only to be thrown into the turnbuckle where Charlie punishes her with several knees to the gut. Randie pushes her way out of the corner and tosses Charlie around the ring, eventually using the bottom rope to choke her flailing opponent. Charlie doesn't stay down for long, however, and soon it is Randie whose throat is draped over the ropes as Charlie attempts to choke the fight out of her. This donnybrook goes back and forth with two equally matched spitfires tossing, straddling, and scissoring their way to desired victory. In the end, both willowy women are tired and topless, but only one will plant her foot atop her beaten opponent and declare victory.

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