topless catfightThe sexy super-babes return in this full-length feature! After being captured in "ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES" (DT-570), Network agent Tanya Danielle, in the torn remnants of her Super Maiden costume, is subjected to the Overmind's Mind Melter. She is rescued by new heroine Starlight (Coral Sands) who, disguised as Night Witch, defeats the Overmind's burly henchman. Starlight informs Tanya that a greater destiny awaits her and leaves her a glowing orb that will lead Tanya to the Alpha-Madonna, the Queen Knight of the Sisterhood. Tanya disguises herself as Wildchild and follows the orb's signal and to rendezvous with Starlight. Starlight falls into a trap, however, and ends up facing the deadlier-than-ever Domina (Julie DC) who is determined to make Starlight pay for her interference.

topless catfightMeanwhile, Tanya is attacked by her former partner Dragonfly (Goldie Blair), now a minion of the Overmind. The punches and kicks fly as Domina pummels Starlight, and Dragonfly batters Wildchild. As Domina begins smothering Starlight with her monstrous breasts, the villain senses the tide of battle turning against Dragonfly. As Wildchild finally decks Dragonfly, Domina ambushes the busty blonde with her whip and starts working her over mercilessly. Starlight recovers and switches to her own costume as she attacks Domina, keeping the assassin at bay as she sends Tanya back on her quest. Things get bad for Starlight as she is ganged up on by Domina and Dragonfly, and, after Wildchild escapes into a dimensional portal, the villains really put the hurt on poor Starlight, who is stripped topless for further punishment.

Wildchild soon finds herself in a mystical limbo facing the Alpha-Madonna (Diana Knight) who tells Tanya that the salvation of the Sisterhood, and the universe itself, relies on Tanya's accepting the mantle of a new superheroine to lead the final battle against the Overmind. Tanya is transformed into the star-spangled Anthem and is bound for her mission—but then she remembers Starlight, who has been captured and is being brutally paddled, whipped and tortured by the vicious villainesses. Anthem has to save Starlight—but in order to do that Anthem may have to abandon her quest and face the terrifying Domina in Domina's own Dungeon. Can Anthem succeed where so many other superheroines have failed? Written and directed by comics legend George Pérez.

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