topless catfightFrancesca's nap is rudely interrupted as an angry Tasha enters the house and begins slugging away at Francesca's bronze belly. Throwing the Latina into the door, the lean blonde ratchets up the punishment by using a flashlight to batter her prey even more. Francesca pleads for mercy but things only get work as Tasha digs a wooden staff into Francesca's bruised belly. Francesca's boobs pop out of her bikini and she is out cold on the sofa when her roommate Tylene enters, demanding to know what Tasha is doing. Tasha answers with a blow to Tylene's face and soon the buxom blonde is the next victim of Tasha's angry assault. Using the staff to choke some of the fight out of Tylene, Tasha then uses both the staff and the flashlight to batter Tylene's face and body with vicious abandon. After smacking her topless torture toy against the door, Tasha throws Tylene to the floor and claws the blonde's belly with her steel-like claws. After more bruising punishment, Tylene is thrown onto the couch atop her friend Francesca and is finally knocked out. Tasha is tuckered out and decides to go the bedroom for a well-deserved nap. Big mistake. Francesca and Tylene eventually recover and, when they realize that Tasha had the gall to take a nap in their own bedroom, well, payback is definitely going to be TWO bitches this time.

topless catfightTwo of DT's newest girls face off in the ring as Sinn Sage takes on Randie, making her DT debut. The two small girls quickly get cooking as one then the other pounces atop her opponent. Sinn has Randie on her stomach as she pulls back on Randie's hair and goes for a choke. Randie fights back but Sinn floors her with some blows to the head and clothesline. Stomping her opponent while she's down, Sinn uses Randie's slim legs to arch her back, coursing pain up Randie's bent spine. Randie doesn't cotton to Sinn's reverse facesit and pushes her for off. These two wild girls are often a jumble of thrashing limbs, entangling themselves around each other. Necks are draped over ropes for choking. Hair is pulled. Bodies are stomped. Exposed nipples are pinched and punched. The intensity of this fiery encounter just sizzles with every slap, toss and body blow that these petite powerhouses can inflict on each other. Ultimately, after a brutal battering against the ring post, one tired tussler is finally softened up for a series of scissors and chokes that culminate in a finishing sleeper. These girls may be tiny, but they're packing a hell of a lot of dynamite!

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