topless catfightIt's another veteran versus newbie match as lovely Lisa Comshaw takes on sexy Lexxi Tyler in our first ring contest. Lisa wastes no time getting Lexxi flat on her back and digging her nails into the young blonde's crotch and breasts. As Lexxi squirms in Lisa's waist scissors, the wily pro pulls off the tyro's pink bikini top, exposing Lexxi's mammoth mounds for all to see. Lexxi learns fast and undoes Lisa's bra and they each claw the other's perfect vulnerable bosom. Lisa uses her famous powerful legs to entrap Lexxi's head and body and then uses them as pistons to pound Lexxi's tight tummy. Lexxi finally floors Lisa with some body blows of her own and straddles her more-experienced opponent as she wraps her fingers tightly around Lisa's throat. Arms are pulled, legs are twisted, boobs are clawed and hair is pulled as these alley cats punch, choke and even bite each other to get the upper hand. Lisa is caught in a camel clutch but reverses it to a crossbody pin, spanking Lexxi's tight ass for added humiliation. Each delicious diva takes her turn being punched to the mat and heated action just blazes through the match. A figure four headlock ends this match for one game grappler as the winner places her top on the loser's head in mocking contempt.

topless catfightBusty blonde Tylene Buck, in a tiny red bikini, poses sultrily for the camera as Christine Dupree, in shorts, cut-off shirt and sneakers eyes the beauty contemptuously. Christine doesn't think this arrogant big-boobed bitch should even be allowed in the ring. Only real wrestlers, like Christine, should ever be allowed in the squared circle. Christine blasts her fist into Tylene's stomach and chokes the proud blonde diva. A headlock pulls Tylene's to her knees where Christine uses Tylene's tiny top to choke the golden-haired victim. Christine's leg scissors crush even more of the air and energy from Tylene's body. Christine is definitely out to hurt Tylene and picks her up just to knock her down again and trap her in a painful camel clutch followed by a Boston crab. Even as Tylene implores her tormentor to stop, Christine's meanness just simmers and she punches Tylene's belly mercilessly in the corner of the ring. Tylene is practically in tears as Christine's sharp nails dig into her round breasts. The humbled diva's protestations about Christine's cheating ways are snuffed out as Christine follows up with a full nelson and a reverse bearhug. Even the ring ropes are used to choke Tylene as her brown-haired executioner continues smashing her body repeatedly. And when Tylene's arms are tied to the ropes, she really makes the perfect torture target for Christine's furious fists.

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