topless catfightStacy Burke is intent on teaching newcomer Maya Hills some hard lessons in wrestling. Maya's already starting on the wrong foot by wearing the same color bikini as the blonde veteran, so Stacy may have to teach the newbie some humility as well. It all starts rather giddily as Maya seems to show no fear or pain as Stacy starts with a hairpull and follows up with a headlock. When Maya counters with a headlock of her own Stacy retaliates with a waist scissors followed by a neck scissors on her smirking student. When Maya uses brute strength to escape, Stacy learns never to underestimate the sheer determination of an ambitious acolyte even as Stacy struggles in Maya's reverse headlock. There's still a sense of levity going on as Stacy tries placing Maya in a full-nelson and a surfboard, but the eager tyro continues to wriggle out and come back with some crude, but effective counter defenses. As Stacy struggles out of Maya's waist scissors she teaches Maya the age-old catfight technique of the breast grab, which Maya more than happily reciprocates. Inevitably, the tops come off and the action gets a touch hotter. Stacy manages to straddle Maya, placing her entire weight on the young girl's chest, but Maya keeps coming back, even using Stacy's bikini top as a choking weapon—another catfight. It seems that teaching is a whole lot harder than Stacy thought, especially as she feels her breathe being crushed out of her lungs by her pupil.

topless catfightNext is a battle of the brunette bondage queens as the delectable Diana Knight faces off against the curvaceous Jewell Marceau. Diana quickly entangles her claws in Jewell's hair and sends her beautiful opponent staggering with a couple of head punches and a spinning toss across the ring. Diana's all bravado and sass as she and Jewell clamp hands in test of strength. Some of Diana's pluck is knocked out of her as Jewell lands several knees to Diana's belly and uses Diana as a punching bag, clawing the taller girl's ample bosoms for good measure. This last tactic spurs Diana to return the favor and Jewell's fleshy mounds receive their fair share of talon torture. While Diana has the advantage in a double breast-to-breast bearhug, Jewell gets the upper hand with a standing head scissors. Jewell even takes the time to free her huge tits from their moorings, allowing her world-famous orbs to bask in the daylight sun. Diana escapes and knocks Jewell on to her back and straddles her. Pulling away Diana's bikini top, Jewell punishes Diana's boobs with long nails and hard knuckles. Both dark-haired bombshells give as well as take in this exhausting catfight as they claw, crush, punch and maul their way to one truly exhausting conclusion.

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