topless boxingAs beautiful as Jana Cat's blonde hair is, Francesca believes that her own dark tresses are more desirable, and what better way to settle the matter than with a hairpulling battle for follicle supremacy? Removing their dresses the beauties decide to fight only in pantyhose and they each wrap their fingers in the other's long hair. They then take turns mauling each other's perfectly shaped breasts. Francesca tries to weaken Jana with a headlock and bearhug, but the delicious blonde counters with some breast clawing and choking Francesca on the floor. As these ferocious felines' bodies tangle around each other, they become the perfect embodiment of catfighters. Breast smothers, kicks, breast presses, crotch grabs, straddles and all manner of heated attacks finally finishes when one weary and worn out woman is breast-clawed into submission.

topless boxing Next, we find Diana and Stacy in a particularly silly mood as a battle ensues to settle a ridiculous argument about which girl has the better workout regimen. Even as these curvaceous cuties pull back each other's tops and Diana traps Stacy in a kneeling breast smother, they just can't help laughing. Asses get spanked, feet get bitten and necks get choked, waists get squeezed and bodies get mauled—and still the girls keep laughing. This is one strange fight indeed. But one thing is undeniable: these girls are having one hell of a good time, laughing 'til it hurts (or because it hurts).

topless boxingOur third match is a bit more traditional although the tone is light at the beginning as the bikini-clad Hollywood and Shannan stretch and prep for their upcoming apartment battle. They remove their tops as they talk smack to each other and start the match off with a test of strength that ends when Hollywood knees Shannan in the gut. Shannan comes back with a couple of belly punches that sets Hollywood up for an extended headlock. Hollywood finally elbows her way out and wrenches Shannan's arm behind her back, slapping down on Shannan's spine for good measure. There's a whole lot of hitting, slapping and kicking mixed in with the scissors, leg holds and bearhugs as these topless tormentors really go all out to hurt each other. A full nelson waist scissors combo finally has one wasted woman croaking her surrender in this heated hellcat brawl.

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