topless boxingThe voluptuous Venus DeLight is eager to learn a new wrestling move from Julie Winchester and she is all too eager to place herself in a vulnerable, and inescapable, position. As she lays face down under Julie's ass, Stacy Burke sneaks in and strips off Venus' thong and starts spanking the DeLightful one's exposed round butt. Stacy is bent on avenging a past loss and she's enlisted Julie as her accomplice in vengeance. Removing Venus' bra the pair gang up on the naked blonde. Stacy breast smothers Venus while Julie holds their victims arms. Venus' nipples are pinched, twisted and bitten and Stacy digs her nails into her blonde victim's naked crotch. The torture continues as Stacy removes her panties and facesits the struggling Venus. And Venus' struggles don't end there. When she's taken to the bedroom and tied to the bed, Julie and Stacy can barely control their excitement at the torment that's yet to come for poor, bound Venus.

topless boxing Titian-haired Lisa is pretty cocky in the ring as she faces the formidable Tina Z, whose muscular frame is further accentuated by her black leather bra, gloves and shorts and her new punk blonde hairdo. The grapplers agree to a multi-fall match with each fall's loser giving up one piece of clothing per loss. Tina Z wastes no time taking the advantage and she punches, kicks and crushes poor Lisa, whose white lace bra and panties look destined for removal. And sure enough, a quick pin culminates in Lisa's bra being removed making Lisa's attempts to bring Tina down even more desperate. Lisa digs her fingers into Tina's crotch, eliciting screams from the leather lady—and a victory for Lisa.. However, Tina only removes one glove, much to Lisa's dismay. With only her panties remaining Lisa's loss in the next round pretty much leaves her with nothing more to lose—except her pride and dignity—which, as Tina twists, gropes, squeezes and batters the hapless auburn-haired beauty, there may be little left to save. The final humiliation finds Lisa trapped on the bed—and Tina Z looming over her with hungry eyes.

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