topless boxingIt's blond versus blonde as fair-haired Peter tangles with the bouncy golden girl Candi. The foxy femme is careless in the beginning as Peter floors Candi with a clothesline and proceeds to stomp the girl while she's down. A furious Candi bounces her male foe off the ropes and knees him in the gut. Kicking Peter into the corner Candi initiates a barrage of blows and scissors that brings the blond beach boy to his knees. Peter almost trips Candi into a pin, but the baby-faced gal breaks free and throttles and tosses Peter as if she were an angry ex. The battle goes back and forth, with both male and female dishing out and receiving some hard throws and body blows. In the end a weakened battler falls victim to a devastating sleeper and is finished for the day.

topless boxing Next, the masked Puma returns to take down two more of DT's warrior women. The beast towers over his two opponents Francesca Lé and Sinn Sage, but the two ladies don't appear to be intimidated. Francesca goes in first and is immediately caught in a flurry of chokes, body slams and body blows. Weakening the little Latina with a knee to the crotch, the burly bruiser uses Francesca's own hair to choke her. Puma even turns to Sinn and yells "Your next!" Francesca is positively pitiful as Puma lifts her in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker followed by a piledriver. And if you think Francesca is having a bad day, wait until Sinn enters the ring. Caught in a camel clutch, Sinn is set up for a barrage of punishment including scissors, chokes, stomps and slams. The Puma is hungry and these girls are fresh meat!

topless boxing Our third intergender contest finds Peter really getting in over his head against the tough tootsie Tylene. At first the match goes back and forth with both fighters getting his and her chance to show what they've got., but it's obvious that Peter has tried to take a tigress by the tail. Body throws, chinlocks, cross-armed chokes and stomps are endured by Tylene until she snaps back and squashes Peter in the corner. Throwing the man hard onto the canvas, Tylene keeps bouncing back from each of Peter's assaults stronger than ever. When one a weakened Peter is handcuffed on the mat, the terrifically evil Tylene smiles—and goes in for the kill.

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