topless boxing Shayla is one gorgeous blonde with golden tan, perfect breasts and a knockout figure. That makes her a tantalizing target for destruction to our resident lethal Latin, Francesca. Entangling their fingers in each other's hair as the match starts, Francesca welcomes Shayla to DT by pounding the blonde newbie in the gut a few times—only to have Shayla pay her back in kind. They each then claw her opponent's firm tits, the same tits that Shayla uses in an attempted smother as she straddles Francesca on the mate, adding some belly punches for good measure. Francesca reverses the hold and soon has Shayla squirming under her well-formed boobs. Pulling back Shayla's top, Francesca further tortures the blonde with clawing nails and pounding fists. Francesca's advantage is painfully reversed as her blonde nemesis digs her nails into the fiery Hispanic's crotch. Shayla traps Francesca in the corner, tears back the brunette's bikini top and belts away at her. As Francesca tries to escape from the follow-up choke it is evident that she should beware of Shayla, who may be new, but she is unequivocally no pushover. After a marathon of body blows, scissors, headlocks and body twisting contortions one magnificent warrior is choked against the ropes until every trace of fight is gone.

topless boxing Another newcomer, the dark and delicious Promise, takes on another DT veteran, the blonde and bountiful Candi. It's one babyface against another as Candi's girlish features look mature against Promise's teen-girl visage. Candi quickly puts the black tyro through an initiation and Promise struggles against Candi's fierce headlock. To Candi's surprise Promise not only breaks free but also ends up on top of the floored blonde, slamming Candi's head on the canvas again and again. Candi retaliates with a waist scissors that has Promise screaming like a banshee. The furious donnybrook seesaws back and forth as each girl gets and loses her advantage repeatedly. Head scissors, are exchanged, surfboards are applied and black and blonde hair is pulled. At one point Promise attempts to smother Candi by burying the blonde's face in her crotch. Candi is all female fury as she whips off her own top and does the same to Promise, digging her nails into the black girl's petite brown mounds. After more clawing, squeezing and beating this hard match is finally settled in a particularly primal fashion as one glorious gal is choked into a lifeless stupor.

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