topless boxing Bondage superstar Christina Carter makes her DT ring debut as she enters the ring to challenge Tylene Buck. After some trash talk both women strip off their shoes and tiny dresses to reveal even tinier bikinis. Christina is not impressed by Tylene's ring reputation and clocks the blonde with a right cross, followed by a knee to the gut that sends Tylene crashing to the mat. Christina continues to taunt Tylene, knocking the blonde back to the canvas time and again. Tylene's gasps for air as Christina facesits her, digging her crotch against Tylene's kisser. Finally, the air just runs out and Tylene's body goes limp. Christina can't believe that Tylene is the best that DT can offer and is intent on seeing how much punishment this so-called wrestler can take. The brunette wakes her blonde foe up and decks her with one clothesline after another. Christina pours on some arm torture using the ropes and accompanies it with a choking neck scissors. After what seems to be an easy win, Christina puts her dress back on, making the rookie mistake of turning her back on Tylene. The pissed off blonde is out for blood and she ambushes Christina from behind and rams the brunette's head into the turnbuckle. Christina is knocked down on the mat and Tylene jumps atop her. Tylene has only one thought now—get Carter. But will it be Buck who gets got in this violent battle that ends with one babelicious battler bloodied and beaten?

topless boxing A pre-bout interview gets pretty nasty as Anastasia Pierce, a vision in scarlet with red PVC mini-dress, mesh stockings and heels, vows to get even with Vanessa Harding, dressed in black mini-dress, hose and heels. Anastasia vows to take away Vanessa's championship belt—and Vanessa's boyfriend. In the ring the haughty hellions remove their dresses and shoes and face each other in bras panties and hosiery. Not waiting for the opening bell Anastasia attacks Vanessa from behind and chokes her down to the mat and twists the mat maiden's arm behind her. Kicking her opponent while she's down, Anastasia leaps atop Vanessa's back and works her way into a sitting waist scissors and chokehold. Anastasia traps Vanessa in the corner and delivers some hard blows, but hard-fighting Harding turns the tables and begins raining punishment on the vermillion vixen. However, Anastasia is more resilient than Vanessa bargained for and the powerful Ms. Pierce brings Vanessa to her knees in a test of strength and floors the champ with a clothesline. Vanessa digs her nails into Anastasia's briefly bared breasts, but is paid back with knees to the gut and a roundhouse kick that sends Vanessa reeling. With her opponent stunned, Anastasia covers her boobs up and goes for the pin and wins the first fall. Vanessa has never been a graceful loser and she vows to get even with her dark-haired rival. But will vows be enough?

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