topless boxing Taut and tawny Devon Michaels, in a barely concealing one-piece sling outfit, takes on the brawny Kristie Etzold in our first ring encounter. Devon's muscular arms strain against Kristie's sheer power as a test of strength takes the hard-bodied brunette down to the canvas, with Kristie right on top of her. Devon's bulging breasts cannot be contained by her skimpy outfit, but that is the least of her worries as she struggles through a painful camel clutch with Kristie's weight fully planted on Devon's aching back. Kristie follows up with a waist scissors and sleeper combination that seems to last forever until Devon's struggles cease. That first fall was an easy win for Kristie who taunts the dazed Devon at the start of fall number two. Devon is quickly subjected to a dizzying airplane spin followed by a standing surfboard that nearly pulls her arms off. Another camel clutch has Devon's limbs flailing. After unexpectedly breaking out of Kristie's clutches, the tables are quickly turned against Devon again as she's subjected to a bow and arrow stretch and an over the knee back bend. This sets Devon up for another sleeper and another fall's victory for Kristie. When Kristie catches the tanned beauty with a crushing bearhug at the start of the third fall, it definitely looks like it's really going to be one devastating day for Devon.

topless boxing In our second match the champion Sandy is challenged by the buxom and experienced Shannan, who starts off strong as she tosses Sandy against the ropes, knocking Sandy down with a clothesline. Shannan presses her advantage with a reverse neck hold, but Sandy soon decks the bosomy brunette with a clothesline of her own, followed by a tight neck scissors. Shannan breaks free to catch Sandy in a waist scissors that is only broken when Sandy twists Shannan's big toe. Getting back to her feet, Shannan is caught flat-footed by Sandy's flying dropkick and is pummeled in the corner of the ring with belly blows. Sandy strips off Shannan's bikini top and chokes the challenger even as she adds to the torment with a standing neck scissors. Shannan flips Sandy to the canvas and snares the big blonde with a camel clutch chinlock that leads to yet another waist scissors. Sandy resorts to desperate measures as she bites her way out and bodyslams Shannan into a matchbook pin. A shoulder pinch further weakens the valiant Shannan and she tries futilely to fight out of Sandy's mighty sleeper hold. The first fall goes to Sandy, but Shannan really comes on strong in the second, dizzying Sandy with an airplane spin and punching her against the turnbuckle. At the end of this multi-fall battle one big-breasted brawler is left unconscious on the mat—but is it the blonde, or brunette?

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