specialty wrestlingHollywood dons her referee attire as she announces an all-blonde edition of topless boxing featuring Tylene "The Dream" Buck, Jana "The Naughty Nurse" Cat and Ahmo "Good-Night" Hight all fighting for the vacant bantam weight championship belt.

specialty wrestlingThe first match has Tylene going glove-to glove with Jana. This is Jan's first ever boxing match and she certainly has her work cut out for her against the experienced Tylene. The first round is particularly brutal for the newcomer as Tylene easily outboxes the Naughty Nurse. However, it is The Dream who is knocked down first as Jana nails Tylene with a left and right cross combination. Tylene gets up before the ten-count but knows that she'd better not take Jana for granted. This match ends with a knock out.

specialty wrestlingNext, Jana returns to the ring to face the tiny terror Ahmo. With one fight already behind her Jana is not as fresh as the "Good-Night" girl and the smaller girl really rips into the taller blonde. The Naughty Nurse may need a recovery room as she is the first to fall in the first round. She continues the fight, but this match will have several knockdowns before it ends in a surprise decision.

Our final match on the card pits Good-Night and The Dream against each other to determine the final winner. Ahmo is determined to make a name for herself fast and hard and she really surprises Tylene who is knocked down early in the first round. Despite winning the first fall,, Ahmo knows she he'll have to get more than just one lucky punch in to earn a total victory against the likes of Tylene. A close decision declares a new bantam weight champion.

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