specialty wrestlingWhat starts out as a regular topless boxing match soon degenerates into a brutal brawl as sisters Mia and Brandy show as much sibling affection as Cain and Abel. The Walters sisters trade blows pretty evenly. Even though Mia goes down first, she quickly gets up and corners Brandy, staggering the younger sibling with powerful body blows. Brandy escapes by knocking Mia back with an uppercut and the battle continues, both boxers giving as good as she gets. With both girls inflicting major punishment to the other, Mia finally snaps and removes one of her gloves as she traps Brandy in a headlock. Ramming Brandy's head into the turnbuckle, Mia kicks her sister down to the canvas. Mia pulls Brandy up to her feet by her hair and decks the younger Walters girl—with her bare fist! Then, Mia bounces Brandy off the ropes and catches her fallen blood kin in a stepover toehold. A waist scissors by Mia soon works against her as Brandy manages to get her own legs around Mia's neck. Mia breaks free and almost traps Brandy in a matchbook pin, but Brandy breaks away. A test of strength brings Mia first to her knees and then on her back as she can see the bloodlust in her Brandy's eyes. This is sibling rivalry at its most savage and we wouldn't want to spoil the ending for you.

specialty wrestlingNext, two of our fabulous smaller blondes, Candi and Stacy, take each other on in the ring—and set off a nuclear reaction. Stacy shows of her high kicks before the opening bell, but once the match starts Candi, in a hot pink one-piece, quickly attempts to exert her superiority over the blonde in the leopard bikini. Pinning her down with her body, Candi drives her breasts into Stacy's face. Stacy comes back with a matchbook pin as she crushes Candi's head with her hard tanned thighs. Candi shows that her thighs are pretty powerful as well as she wraps them around Stacy's taut abdomen, squeezing the air out of her blonde opponent's lungs. These blonde dynamos punish each other with more scissors to the waist and neck, facesits, body blows, chokes and even use their nails as weapons of destruction. Candi yanks Stacy's bikini top off and wraps it around Stacy's neck, pouring on the pressure. When Candi's suit is pulled down she uses her soft, exposed breasts to smother her wriggling adversary. But Stacy bounces back with a chinlock followed by a surfboard that has Candi howling in pain. These girls give everything they have to this battle and while only one blonde walks away victorious the other, though beaten, cannot really be considered a loser.

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