specialty wrestling Sultry Santana is amused to face Jewell yet again the ring, figuring the buxom bondage queen is no match for her wrestling savvy. But Jewell's been evidently practicing and working out since she manages to push Santana down with sheer brute force. Santana wraps her legs around Jewell's waist but Jewell manages to slither free and catches the Hispanic hellcat in a sitting arm stretch. Santana betrays her desperation by escaping a leg hold by pulling Jewell's long dark hair and then mauling her breasts. Some punches to Jewell's belly only angers the bosomy bondagette as she uses her ample breasts to smother the olive-skinned lethal Latina. These delectable, dark-haired dazzlers struggle mightily to hurt each other as limbs are stretched and twisted, bodies are squeezed and mauled, and breasts and crotches are clawed and crushed. With both battlers eventually topless the volcanic violence continuously erupts across the ring, until a facesit smother starts taking the fight out of one fighter, who becomes the tortured plaything of a clawing, stomping, smothering, stretching and just plain vicious conqueror, driven to drunken sadistic glee by the intoxicating smell of victory.

specialty wrestlingWhen two of our veteran tigresses, Christine Dupree and Francesca Le enter a ring you know that fireworks are going to go off, and this time is no different. The muscular Christine seems to have the advantage in the test of strength that starts the match, but she further stacks the deck by kicking Francesca in the crotch. However, instead of going down, the lovely Se~orita Le punches Christine in the gut and clamps a headlock on her. Forcing Christine to the mat, Francesca follows up with belly blows and a full body press. Christine works her way on top and digs her talons into Francesca's breasts and works her stomach with hard knuckles. Unfortunately, Christine left herself open for Francesca's powerful waist scissors and is further agonized by some sharp breast torture from the Latin lovely. Chaos rules the day as each girl takes turns ditching it out and taking it on the chin—as well as every other part of the body. Bodies are punched, kicked, kneed, groped, stretched, tossed, twisted and mangled as these two topless veterans of violence find more and more ways of punishing each other. A final choke and sleeper finally brings one mighty maiden down for good and even in defeat she is still a thing of beauty.

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